Offensive coordinator Troy Walters said running back Tre Bryant is full-go this fall after sitting out most of last season with a lingering knee issue. Walters said Nebraska will be careful with Bryant’s reps during camp and that Bryant has been making the cuts needed to be successful on the field. 

Walters said retention for the offense has been good among the quarterbacks. “We didn’t take a step back last week and that’s encouraging,” he said. 

Quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco said that reps continue to be divided evenly between Tristan Gebbia, Adrian Martinez and Andrew Bunch. Verduzco said reps were fairly even during the spring as well, and will continue to be through the fall. 

Verduzco noted that Adrian Martinez worked hard on his throwing motion — what he calls the “cha ching.” The “cha” is bringing the ball back, the “ching” is the release. Verduzco said that the “cha” has been much better for Martinez in fall and that the ball is getting out of his hand more quickly. 

Verduzco noted that both Tristan Gebbia and Andrew Bunch have both possessed strong and quick releases. 

Martinez said Wednesday that he is up around 220 pounds, but more importantly, has confidence in his surgically repaired shoulder. Martinez missed his senior season of high school because of a shoulder injury. 

Last season at UCF, Walters noted that the offense had four running backs who were ready to play. He said he wants to keep a rotation to help wear defenses down. “Played with four running backs, one of those running backs can also play receiver,” Walters said. “We want to keep guys fresh and wear the defense down and we’re going to put guys on the field who are explosive and can help this offense.” 

Walters said junior college newcomer Jaron Woodyard is one of the quickest guy on the field and has shown flashes in early practices. 

Teammates and coaches were unified in their praise of running back Maurice Washington. They pointed to his quickness and decisive running being among his best attributes.  

Wide receiver Miles Jones wasn’t dressed out for practice on Wednesday morning. 

Greg Austin is really happy with how connected his O-linemen have become. "I really can't tell you how hard they have worked over the summer. Golly. They came out practice 1 and there was no lag, I'll say it like that."

Austin said his group has exceeded his expectations in the early parts of camp, saying they've "attacked" everything.

Austin said the bodies of his linemen look completely different from when he first got here.

"I can't say it's night and day because I don't know what night looks like. I can tell you there's a big, big, big change that has happened in their bodies, their strength, their ability to move people, their ability to drop their hits and play within the power that they've gained in the weight room."

The O-line coach doesn't call it a 'battle' at center. He'd use other words to describe what's going on. But senior Cole Conrad has been getting many of the early looks in camp as the top center.

"With Cole, he's just trying to get in there and get connected, get fused with the guys that he's been comfortable playing next to. Guys like Jerald Foster and Tanner Farmer are guys he's played next to. He has a lot of snaps next to those guys.

"When you say 'battle,' you kind of insinuate that there's a struggle for power there. We're not really having those battles. Everybody's getting reps.

"There's going to be multiple guys rotating in at those spots," Austin added, "because we're trying to put the best five on the field. So everybody is fighting the battle within themselves to make their self better and then we'll see where it unfolds."

True freshman running back Maurice Washington continues to get love.

Walters said he can be a "special" player. Mario Verduzco mentioned him as a young guy who has jumped out early on.  Quarterback Tristan Gebbia said the 'remodeling' of the Husker roster is obvious everywhere.

"The offense is starting to fire on all cylinders. The defense has been getting after it, flying around. You're seeing the Blackshirt mentality come back in really, really high spirits. It's been an honor to practice with those guys."

Gebbia said the most important thing to him, no matter who is chosen, is that the QB is out there who gives the team the best chance to win games.

"Coach Frost and Coach Verdu and Coach Walters will have a great picture of who that is hopefully by fall camp," he added.

Gebbia likes how the decision is being handled. "It's a very subjective process – I think that's the word. It's not just, 'I like this guy the most, so let's do it.' It's tangible stuff, it's intangible stuff, so it's a really comprehensive evaluation of the quarterback position and I think it's a great way to do it."