In addition to changes to two longtime coaches of men's sports, the Nebraska athletic department will be making some moves to the personnel atop its nutrition program, Husker247 has learned.

There will be a national search for new leadership of the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory (NAPL) and Performance Nutrition. Jack Ransone and Lindsey Remmers have been in the roles that will now be open to that search.

Ransome has served as director of the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory, and Remmers has been the director of sports nutrition for the Huskers.

The nutrition aspect has become viewed as important as everything that goes on in the weight room, by coaches and players, with each part directly connected to the other. The new hires for those now open positions will be important, even if not as publicized as other spots.

While the recent changes aren't known to be directly tied to just football, Scott Frost certainly put heavy attention on the nutrition program while at Central Florida.

Senior nose tackle Mick Stoltenberg noticed the differences in the nutrition part of things right away after Frost's staff took over, telling Husker247 prior to the spring, "They're taking a different approach with nutrition as well. Kind of more hands on with that. So they're just making sure we understand every step of the process, how important nutrition can be. We've brought in the nutrition expert to kind of talk to us about body fat, and getting your body composition better, and building lean muscle mass in the winter, and things to kind of speed those processes up and make it easier for you."

Along with those changes at the NAPL, it was announced publicly that Husker athletic director Bill Moos will be searching for a new men's golf and men's tennis coach. Bill Spangler, who coached the golf team, and Kerry McDertmott, who was in charge of the tennis team, will not return following the end of their contracts this summer.

“I would like to thank Coach Spangler and Coach McDermott for their dedicated years of outstanding service to the University of Nebraska, and wish them the best in their future endeavors," Moos said in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

Both Spangler and McDermott are Nebraska graduates, and have been in charge of their respective programs for many years. Spangler has led the golf team since 2001 and McDermott has been the head coach since 1982. Both programs have struggled to make an impact on the national scene. The tennis team made the NCAA Tournament just twice under the watch of McDermott and the golf team has been near the bottom of the Big Ten in recent years.

There was no public mention of the changes to the nutrition program, but national searches are beginning for all four positions immediately.