Continuity used to be the norm around here. You might call it a foreign word now when it comes to Husker football.

Scott Frost seems all for bringing it back if possible.

The Husker head coach, at one point during a Wednesday teleconference announcing the first part of his first signing class at Nebraska, took the opportunity to "clear the air" about his decision to bring his entire Central Florida staff with him to Lincoln.

"I’ve watched a lot of coaches take the next step in the big job and either they take a few coaches along with them, but they don’t take everybody, or they leave people behind and they get fired," Frost said. "That’s not the right thing to do in my eyes. The right thing to do is to give every one of my coaches an opportunity to come. And if they’re good enough to take an 0-12 program to 12-0 in two years, they are good enough to coach anywhere."

What that staff accomplished at Central Florida, Frost believes, "is next to impossible."

Despite the success, getting guys to join him didn't require recruiting — even if not all had Midwest ties or, in some cases, were leaving their alma mater, like defensive backs coach Travis Fisher and tight ends coach Sean Beckton.

"I took a job that I thought was the best for my staff and my family and I told them all if you want to come there’s a spot," Frost said. "And they all wanted to come, which was flattering to me that they want to be a part of our coaching staff with me."

Certainly the pay bumps are significant for all involved, and worth considerable weight in any job-changing decision.

Also, as Husker defensive coordinator Erik Chinander noted on Tuesday night, the move to a power-five school allows opportunities to recruit some players who might not have looked their way in Orlando.

Even so, recruiting after transitions are never easy, and Frost knows his staff is far from home in this recruiting class. With only 10 recruits officially signed as of Wednesday night, there is still room for about 10 more over the course of the next six weeks. That's a whole lot of work remaining.

But Frost is sure it does help taking on that challenge with coaches that you already have a connection with.

“There are going to be big advantages to keeping people together," Frost said. "One of the secrets to success at Nebraska for a long time was continuity and people understood the system, and the scheme, and where they fit and what the role was. It’s going to be a huge advantage for me to have people surrounding me that already know our offense, defense and how we operate."