KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- On Tuesday night, four-star safety Khalid Martin wrapped up a two-day stretch of three commitments that included Zonovan Knight and Joshua Harris. Martin announced his verbal commitment to NC State at Kernersville (N.C.) East Forsyth and spoke with media members following the event.

What made you decide to commit to NC State?

KM: Family, they made sure it was about family first – making me a better player, making me a better man. They made sure it was about academics from day one. They’re tough on football but when it’s time to be in, it’s time to be in books. They made sure the relationship with me, not only just me but me and my family was close – tight-knit. Coach [Aaron] Henry made sure he reached out – got cool with my parents – got cool with my mom – got cool with my dad and they’ve just been on point from day one.

How much did Coach Henry separate NC State for you?

KM: He’s there. He lets you know he’s not just a recruiter he’s here as a friend. He’s here to talk to you, help you know if you’ve got any questions – any questions of manhood – any questions of life, you can come to him – open doors. And he told me even I wasn’t to come to NC State he’ll still be there.

How much did the defensive class persuade you to come to NC State?

KM: I’m cool with a lot of those guys. We talked about it a lot – had a couple discussions and it kind of swayed me a little bit.

Any guys in particular?

KM: It was just Drake, CJ, Jalen – a lot of us were talking. Communications with us – we’re all loaded up there so we all decided on making a move.

Are you going to become a recruiter now?

KM: Oh yea, anybody that’s in-state that NC State’s is open, I’m recruiting them – out of state too. We’re definitely trying to build something special at NC State.

Did you have your top schools in the back of your mind for a while?

KM: I was always serious about Virginia – Virginia schools, schools in-state. It’s just in the back of my head I just knew I wanted to stay home – because I didn’t want to go too far because at the end of the day when you go to college I want my parents to be able to make it to the games, I want my family to be able to make it to the games – and NC State stood out. I’m very big on family and they stood out big on family so it kind of swayed me a lot through that.

How much does it help that your brother (Nique Martin, WR at NC Central) close to you?

KM: Yeah a lot. Decisions – the trials and tribulations throughout college. I know when I get there it’s going to be tough. So, I know the fact that he’s around the corner, he can help me when I fall down, he can help me get up. Workouts are going to definitely be intense and we can definitely workout a lot more because it’s kind of hard for him being in Durham and me being in Winston – it’s kind of hard for us to workout but with him being right around the corner, we’ll definitely be able to get on our grind again.

What position do you hope to play at the next level?

KM: Really, they could put me at punter, I’m just willing to play but hopefully I’ll play safety. I like the free safety – strong safety. I’m along that line because I’m physical so coaches told me I’m physical so (small inaudible section) anywhere they’re willing to put me in the secondary, I’m willing to play.

On his style of play and work ethic...

KM: Yes sir. Breaking drives, physicality. Just a lot of knowledge for the game. I study film – study film from last year, realize what I did and trying to get better. Broke it down, went out in the field, worked on it and just did it again the next day. Repetition – I feel like if you’re not doing nothing new then you’re not trying to better yourself so just doing different things to try to get my game better every day.

What did former East Forsyth players like Madison (Cone) teach you?

KM: Hard work. Hard work is not just something you can do once. Madison always used to tell me “success has rent that’s paid everyday” so you just got to work every day. When you feel like you’ve accomplished something don’t stop. Just bust through that ceiling and when people say the sky’s the limit, you can go way past the sky.

You've even played running back and like blocking...

KM: Yea I like blocking. Coming in to high school I played running back but like I said my brother grew up playing varsity, so I wanted to go play varsity with him, so I played DB. So, getting in the back field just brings back memories and blocking has always been easy to me so, it’s nothing to pancake somebody to help my friend score.

On being a four-year varsity starter at East Forsyth...

KM: It’s definitely been hard but luckily, I’ve had wonderful people to help me get through this – Madison was a four-year starter, my cousin Christian was a four-year starter – different people just helping me maximize my game to where I’m at now and hopefully I’ll get better before the season starts and my game will elevate even more by the time I see the season end

Are you still planning to enroll early?

KM: Yes sir. My brother enrolled early and told me it opened a lot of the play book, helped him get used to college – college classes.

On decision to study Political Science...

KM: Just growing up, my aunt works in that type of field – so just growing up and being around her – just helped me make that choice.

When was your last visit to NC State?

KM: It’s kind of been a while – for Junior Day, the last time – I think so. I like to stay home and work with my team. I’m a team type of guy – I make sure my team is going ot be at the next level, make sure we are working at the level we should be working at – the chemistry’s good. I think I’ve been back since January, but I’ll definitely be getting up there for the Alpha Meet on July 27.

When do you plan to take your official?

KM: I haven’t yet talked that far. But the official visit is definitely probably coming during the season so that way I can get to a game.

What made Father's Day special for you?

KM: That’s when I kind of knew where I was going. My grandpa always wanted me to go to NC State so when I told him the news it was just wonderful, it was exciting.

You didn't really grow up a big NC State fan, what changed?

KM: No, I wasn’t really a big NC State guy when I first came into high school growing up. But as I came in and they recruited me, they just showed me the type of program they are and it’s definitely a program worth working with.

On if he’s met with Coach Doeren...

Yes sir. He was excited