ROXBORO, N.C. -- Four-star defensive tackle Joshua Harris announced his commitment to NC State on Monday night at Roxboro (N.C.) Person High School. Following his verbal, Harris spoke with the media about his decision, the Pack19 class and what the future holds for him and the fellow defensive line commits for NC State.

Question: How difficult of a decision was this for you?

Answer: It was a very hard decision, but this is where I feel like I belong. They were my first offer and this is where it felt the best, this is where I belong.

Question: When did you know you were planning on committing to NC State?

Answer: I made my decision around the end of last month, beginning of this month. That’s when I started to figure it out.

Question: You made a few visits to NC State. What sold you on NC State, as a school and as a program?

Answer: It’s homegrown. They produce when you wanna get to the league, they just had seven guys get drafted. The defensive line coach is amazing. When I’m there, I feel great.

Question: Speaking of the guys who got drafted, how big of a role did the defensive linemen play for you?

Answer: They played a huge role. Justin Jones, B.J. Hill, I’ve been communicating with them. So they kind of recruited me too.

Question: You’ve got Savion [Jackson] and C.J. [Clark] already committed here. I know you guys are close, so how big of a factor was that?

Answer: It was a big factor. Me, C.J. and Savion are all close. Drake Thomas, too. We wanna take this 2019 class to the top and bring a national championship to NC State.

Question: State’s been on fire recruiting. Talk a little bit about the class in general.

Answer: I feel like it’s going to be the best class. We’re going to break records and it’s going to be amazing. We’ve all talked about it, this was the plan a long time ago. Just stay home and be great.

Question: Did those guys already know?

Answer: Yeah, they already knew (laughs).

Question: I know there are a group of schools here, but did it really come down to NC State and one other school?

Answer: It came down to North Carolina and NC State. I like Carolina, but NC State is where I felt like I was home.

Question: Was staying home kind of a big thing for you?

Answer: Yeah, I want my mom to see me play every home game and not have to worry. So yeah, it played a big role.

Question: Down the road, who recruited you harder, was it the guys who had already committed or the coaching staff?

Answer: It was the coaching staff, they were always recruiting me pretty hard.

Question: Had you already told Dave Doeren and the coaches? What was their reaction?

Answer: Yeah, I did. They were pretty excited. I was excited, too. It was my first offer, so I knew it meant a lot to them, being there.

Question: Do you become a recruiter now? Like Savion and C.J.?

Answer: This class is almost finished, but I’m gonna become a recruiter now. There’s a few more guys we’re still trying to get, so I’m gonna do what I can.

Question: Three to four years from now, do you think this class can be the next Chubb, Jones and Hill?

Answer: Definitely. That’s the thing, me, Savion and C.J. are gonna be on the same team and we can be in the same league as those guys. We’re gonna be the next generation.

Question: Are you planning on enrolling early?

Answer: Yeah I do, that’s the plan right now.