CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Roy Williams is enjoying his summer. The North Carolina head coach was relaxed as he sat at the podium at the Smith Center on Tuesday for his summer press conference.

This week’s he’s got a flood of former players arriving back in town for camp week, including many of the biggest stars from his UNC tenure -- Marvin Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, John Henson, Harrison Barnes, Tyler Zeller, Marcus Paige, Brice Johnson, Justin Jackson. And later this week he’s planning to speak with NBA teams on behalf of Joel Berry and Theo Pinson, who hope to be drafted to start their pro careers.

Next month he'll head out on the recruiting trail, looking to secure an important class that continues to build on the post-NCAA cloud momentum that was evident in the 2018 haul.

"The first 10 years we recruited 26 McDonald’s All-Americans, the next four years we recruited one," Williams said. "I didn’t get that dumb that quickly. And then (last year) we got two. ... We went through four years, we couldn’t get anybody to visit. It’s definitely better, but it hasn’t made it any easier, it still hard to get those guys. We have got ourselves back into where we were for a long time and a possibility for several kids that we were not (competitive with) for several years.”

But, above all else, it’s clear he’s excited at the team he’ll have in 2018-19. And he can’t wait to coach them.

Williams is limited in what he can see of his players on the court during the summer due to NCAA guidelines, so he relies on what he hears from his staff and former players. He's liked what he's heard from them thus far.

“I’ve been really impressed by what Jonas (Sahratian), our strength and conditioning coach, is telling us about a bunch of guys," Williams said. "I’ve been really impressed about what (trainer) Doug (Halverson) is telling me about how guys are doing a much better job of taking care of their body. I’ve been impressed by some of the things the veterans are saying about each other and who’s playing better. I like to talk to the Tyler Zellers, the Kendall Marshalls, and get their information about who they think is playing better in pickup games, too."