Jack Nolan of Fighting Irish media caught up with Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly following Tuesday’s practice in Culver, Ind. For the first time, the Fighting Irish were in full pads and there was a whole lot of tackling going on. According to Kelly, the day was a success.

“We got the ability to play tackle football, which is what we’re graded on at the end of day,” said Kelly. “It was good to get into some scrimmage situations. We got a lot of work for both the offense and defense and the kinds of things that we’re looking for, running the football, getting some new players that are going to make an impact. So, good first day. Again, we want to see where you fit with the 11 players on defense. We look in individual drills, but let’s see how we play together. It was a good day.”

On Monday, Kelly touched on his impressions of the defense and how things look under defensive coordinator Clark Lea. Following the latest session, Kelly discussed the early impressions on offense and at least to some, there were a few surprising names mentioned.

“I think Chase Claypool stands out. Miles Boykin has been really consistent,” said Kelly. “I think when we’re talking about the offensive line, we’re making progress there, getting that unit together. I think what was interesting today is that Avery Davis is a guy and he hits the hole quick. Jafar Armstrong is big and strong, can catch it and run. Tony Jones made some really key plays in third down situations. I know everybody is talking about the back situation, we’ve got plenty of backs. They’ve got to obviously be productive for us, but there’s not going to be one particular guy that stands out.”

Things have wrapped up at Culver Academies. The team is now back in South Bend and ready to hit the practice field on campus at Notre Dame. Kelly enjoyed, once again, bringing his team away from campus for a while and although we won’t truly know if this was a success until after the 2018 season, Kelly was happy with his team’s effort this past week.

“Absolutely,” said Kelly, when asked if the team achieved their goals for Culver. “First of all, we want to be in an environment where our guys can spend a lot time together. They’re not worrying about getting all the way across campus. They can eat together. They can interact together. It builds a camaraderie with your group that sometimes you don’t get. Also, it’s all football. Theres no distractions. It’s 100-percent football and for five days we get to focus strictly on football. We’re teaching a lot, so we need that absorption of the knowledge and our kids did a pretty good job.”

Notre Dame will practice again on Wednesday. It’ll be the first session back on the Fighting Irish practice fields. On Thursday, Irish Illustrated and 247Sports will be on-site providing a ton of coverage from the latest open practice session. However, for how things went at Culver, don’t expect a ton of change with how things are done. Now, it’s all about fine-tuning what was started over the past week.

“Not much. We put a lot in. We’re going to start to fine tune some of the things that we want to see now,” said Kelly, when asked what changes now that they are back on campus. “This was a a lot of installation and now we’ll start to narrow down some of the focal points.”

The Fighting Irish continue their preparation for the Sept. 1 matchup with Michigan inside Notre Dame Stadium.