BM5: Signing Hancock?

BM5: Signing Hancock?

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  • Kerry MF'in Coombs!!!! What a MAN!!! So happy to have him back

  • “I love it when a plan comes together!”

    ( - Capt. John “Hannibal” Smith, the A-Team)

  • Great BM5 as usual Dave, fingers crossed!!!. Go Bucks

  • Anon5258915 said... (original post)Great BM5 as usual Dave, fingers crossed!!!. Go Bucks


  • Hey Bids, great show today! I agree, Ryan Day is not Urban Meyer. The Urbs was a rock star. Kids who didn’t even like football would go nuts when he visited a school. But, (I get the impression) Urbs was in the background of recruiting for the most part and coming in as ‘the closer’ when appropriate. Ryan Day seems to be more involved in every day contact with recruits...sharing that dynamic with position coaches in a co-equal manner. He’s not a rock star (yet), but he really brings the interpersonal likability and competence...Big time! Bax, I love your attitude, man. We each need to find our motivation for wearing masks and social distancing. It’s personal and doesn’t long as we DO IT! Go Bucks!

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  • Mark Pantoni......

    Great BM5 as always!
    Great, well earned shoutouts to strength of our coaching staff's recruiting skills.

    Still....incl a Pantoni shoutout would have warranted (even if you were focused on coaches recruiting skills).

    If we have coaching changes down the road, but retain Pantoni, our recruiting will be just fine.

  • Oh, Pantoni's impact goes without saying (even if we should have said it, lol).