Who's really DB U---LSU or TOSU?

Who's really DB U---LSU or TOSU?

  • This is a debate that's alluded to but never looked at closely. For me, I still have a hard time picking one because while the Bucks have undoubtedly produced the nation's top corners year after year since 2013---esp in the NFL Draft, LSU has produced the best Safeties such as the Honey Badger, Patrick Peterson, Jamal Adams and now Dilpo (?) who's projected as a top ten pick in the upcoming draft. They've had their corners as well but the strength has mostly been with their Safeties and the Bucks, the CBs. The only Safeties that the Bucks have put into the NFL Draft are Vonn Bell and Malik Hooker---both early round picks.

    Both schools proclaim they're DB U but again what tips the balance in favor or one or the other?

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  • According to ESPN Ohio State is the true DBU .

  • If you're looking at top draft picks then Ohio State gets the nod (6 first rounders in the last five years, including Okudah). Those numbers are crazy.

    LSU has been more consistent over the past 10 years than Ohio State. LSU has more of a spread between CB's and Safeties, as sugar said.

    IMO it's Ohio State. With Wade next year it'll be 7 DB's drafted in the first round in the last six years. That's a factory of elite DB talent.

  • The factor that tips the scale in Osus favor is the history. Jack Tatum, Shawn Springs, Antoine Winfield, Ahmed Plummer, etc. Don't forget about guys like Malcolm Jenkins and Bradley Roby who are still in the league, and I think both of them won a Super Bowl.

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  • OSU is NFLU