Yurcich to Texassss

Yurcich to Texassss

  • miguelissimo said... (original post)Can we just keep our coaches for 2yrs at least?!! Yeesh

    This never happened under Meyer's tenure and it makes me wonder if either Haffley or Yurcich would've attemped this had he still been the head coach here. Of course Meyer didn't hire either but he did have some other high-profile and seemingly in-demand assistants. Recall how we thought that Schiano could've been a one and doner esp based on how well the Secondary performed in his first year here. Then we had him for a second year; then a third and we were like "Wow! Who would've ever imagined that." Then toward the latter end of year three we were thinking, "Get the hell out of here and go somewhere else. Back to the NFL, Rutgers," etc.

    This is why Day wasn't as eager this time around to go out and pluck assistants. He wants continuity and after both Haffley and Yurcich bolted after just one season, he now has to make sure the ship is steadied. That the guys who are here continue to improve and not get sidetracked with a whole new coaching philosophy.

  • Born2baBuckeye said... (original post)This is clearly Tom Herman exacting revenge on Ohio State over losing Grarret Wilson and that whole Zack Smith mess!

    Maybe but look at who he's getting--our hand me downs essentially. Not so much with Yurcich but Tommy Herman is always out there like a dying vulture trying to pluck away any Buckeye assistant he can whether he worked with them in the past or not.

    We'll remember all of this when we get our hands around their necks here in about two, three years in that home and home series we have scheduled. That is if he's even still there.

  • sugarcrystal said... (original post)Texas is where washed up and failed Buckeye assistants go to retire. Tommy Herman thinks he's building Buckeye South down there---anticipa...

    If Herman is still coaching in 2025 & 2026 when they will play Ohio St again, then he almost certainly elevated the program up to the next level.

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  • How far back should we go? The 90s were 30 years ago and recruits are 17 or 18... they don't really care about teams that were good in the 70s. The fact that Texas historically was the 3rd best program in their conference during the original Big 12 days says a lot. Im not meaning to hate on Texas, I have nothing against them, it's certainly a top 10 job.