Oklahoma hosted the 2018 Media Day on Sunday and following are bullet points from both Head Coach Lincoln Riley and OU Defensive Coordinator Mike Stoops press conferences today.

1) Coach Riley said he does not fear or mind playing any particular defensive scheme because it's really the players that make any scheme work. He said it’s common sense but if those guys are really good at what they do no matter what scheme they’re in they will be hard to move the ball against.

2) Freshman “Jack’ linebacker Jalen Redmond is going to miss the season with blood clots in his lungs but they do feel he will be able to play football again in the future. Coach Riley said his health is fine and he’s doing well, but he will redshirt this year and while he can’t put a timetable on when he might be able to return to the field he does feel he will be able to play football again. He also said that junior Chanse Sylvie is going to miss the season with an Achilles injury. There was some good news on the injury front as senior wide receiver Nick Basquine (5’11, 198) will be allowed to start practice on August 3rd. He has come back from his second Achilles injury.

3) OU will begin the 2018 training camp at with a morning workout on August 3rd.

4) Coach Riley says even though the offense is loaded with talent at wide receiver and running back, and in the offensive line whoever plays quarterback has to be a player, playmaker and has to play well. He said that even last year with Baker in the quarterback room that Coach Riley knew that two or three guys were going to emerge out of that room to be good players. Baker was great last year and he feels that in Kyler Murray and Austin Kendall he has two guys that are very good and are good enough to be quality starters in college football.

5) Coach Riley says the real leaders emerge behind the scenes away from the cameras and not always just on Saturday’s. He admits that if you're a quarterback part of your leadership has to be vocal, but other guys can lead by example and behind the scenes. He feels there are leaders on this football team.”

6) The QB competition is among guys who know each other very well and the quarterbacks understand that both of them have in front of them. Both have been backup quarterbacks and both have had redshirt years and both respect what the QB can do.

7) Coach Riley said OU always tries to recruit players that are better than the guys they have on their current roster and he said that every year they hope to sign close to a full class because guys transfer if they are not playing early.

8) Coach Riley says they will not be tailoring the offense to one of the quarterbacks until one of them has been named the starter. Up to that point, they both will compete working off the basics offense.

9) Coach Riley says it’s going to be a big benefit for Kyler to be part of summer program from a strength and conditioning standpoint and just being around the players.

9) Coach Riley said the redshirt year has really helped Austin Kendall because he has a year to train and get his body right and just work on his game.

10) The receivers don’t have to change anything now that Baker is gone and for a guy like CeeDee Lamb he just needs to work on his own game and body because the quarterbacks will throw the ball well. He said that the new receivers are really coming on.

11) Coach Riley said that Robert Barnes has had a good summer and stayed healthy which is a plus for him going into camp. He admits there's a lot of unknowns at safety right now. Coach Riley said if they can keep Barnes healthy that he has a lot of ability and can really help them.

12) Coach Riley feels the overall talent on the team and some of it experienced like in the offensive line is really going to help whoever wins the QB job. He's not sure that they will play at Baker’s level but he expects it to be pretty good.

13) The team fully expects Rodney Anderson to be a better leader.

14) Coach Riley said that they have tried to streamline camp as they are back to 25 summer practices. Moving up media days 10 days was an effort to get that away from camp. He also said summer school is ending the day the team reports back August 1st with practice starting August 3rd. He feels he will spend the same amount of time with Kyler and Austin than he did Baker.

15) Coach Riley says five to ten plays a game really make a difference in the game. The game plan and designs in the game that a team has is more important than in-game playing calling.

16) The plan is still to start Cody Ford to tackle. He moves well for a guy his size and is going to be a great run blocker at offensive tackle, but he has surprisingly been a very good pass blocker as well. Coach Riley always admits that they can move Ford to guard, but right now the plan is to leave him at tackle.

17) Coach Riley says he's been evaluating the 2017 season recently and he's been adjusting some of his own ways of doing things. He says that he does spend more time with the defense mainly to get a better idea about who to recruit after watching film with the defensive guys and talking to them. He said that OU has had good talent on defense, but not great talent to have an elite defense, but that they are getting used to that.

18) Coach Riley says you can play great defense in the Big 12. He said it's more challenging numbering wise in the Big 12 but that teams or OU can play great defense anywhere and in any league.

19) Coach Riley feels that senior Nick Basquine can get into the mix at the receiver position.

20) Coach Mike Stoops feels good about the defensive unit and the summer has gone well for the group. He feels the defense is in a better position than they were last season.

21) Coach Mike doesn’t feel you can have a top-five unit realistically in the Big 12 but you can have a top 15 to 20 and have a very good unit. Coach Mike said they realize that they have been off the top stat sheets with the personnel that they had and that’s one of the key areas they needed to make up ground in and they feel they're getting there. He says OU will play more nickel than they have in the past to face the spread offenses they see.

22) Coach Mike says Caleb has missed a lot of physical contact and that it will be an interesting competition between Kelly and Curtis Bolton. He feels Caleb’s long-term success is at the WILL and that's where he will play in the NFL. Coach Mike says there will be a lot of competition in the camp this year.

23) Coach Mike says the D-line is one of the most improved units on the team. He said that Calvin Thibodeaux is one of the best young coaches in the country and that legendary D-line coach Pete Jenkins has been mentoring him and he has come in and worked with their D-line. He says the depth has improved a lot in the D-line.

24) Coach Mike said Jordan Parker has worked a lot at safety this summer and depending on how things are going at corner if he can give them some better range at safety then they will leave him there.

25) Coach Mike says the offensive coordinators are tough to face in the Big 12. He says some of the schemes in the Big 12 that he faces he does not see in anywhere else. He says OU has to get into more multiple fronts and coverages as well.

26) Coach Mike says he expects Kenneth Murray to be better in his second year at MIKE backer

27) Coach Mike says the overall technique is a lot better in the defensive line and through recruiting they are starting to see the benefits of that in the D-line.

28) Coach Mike says Lincoln is growing into the head coaching role especially with how he manages his time. He says he is still the same guy that he was as the OC, but he has matured a little bit

29) Coach Mike feels that Bookie is mature beyond his years and he will not be intimidated at all this season. The fact that Bookie was there in the spring was very important in his ability to be able to play as a freshman.

30) Coach Mike said on 3rd down OU got beat a lot on runs and QB run game. He mentioned the Rose Bowl game where Georgia audibled and OU did not adjust and got beat on the weak side. He said that OU needs to make sure they can cover everything when they go with blitz schemes on 3rd down.