The quarterback battle roles on as the Beavers took the field Tuesday afternoon for their fifth practice of fall camp.

The Beavers have shown improvement since the first day of practice last week but the group of true freshmen may be making the biggest impact in camp so far.

With Calvin Tyler Jr. still limited, running back Jermar Jefferson has gotten multiple reps with the first and second team. Kase Rogers, who has been a standout at running back as well, was banged up during practice on Monday which left limited options at running back. Jefferson set himself apart during practice today, according to running back Artavis Pierce and has caught the eye of his coaches as well.

“I feel like Jermar Jefferson is standing out each and every day,” Pierce said. “He is making big runs and is seperating himself. As a whole, everyone is getting better.”

“He has flashed a bunch out there in the first five practices,” Lindgren said. “We put him out there with the first group a few times and he didn’t back down. I like his competitiveness and he has a bit of a burst to him. He’s going to have a bright future.”

Quarterback Competition

Offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren has seen improvement from the offense since the start of camp. The coaches are adding more into the package and helping the players transition to the changes. Consistency is key for the offense now, according to Lindgren.

“We have work to do,” Lindgren said. “I am looking for some more consistentcy. We are putting through some different situations and we put them down in the red zone and there were some good things and some mistakes we need to clean up.”

Lindgren has seen flashes from each quarterback throughout camp so far but says he is looking for a player to grab the starting role in the next week or more.

“That’s what we’re going to be looking for is consistency,” Lindgren said. “A guy who is going to take care of the football and lead us to the position to move the football.”

Wide receiver Aaron Short has been displaying his chemistry with the quarterbacks and in particular Conor Blount throughout the first five practices. Short improved his conditioning in the offseason and got in better playing shape according to Coach Lindgren.

“A guy I think has shown a lot of improvement is Aaron Short,” Lindgren said. “He got himself in better condition. He has made some plays and made some plays and I am optimistic.”

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Offensive Line

Offensive line coach Jim Michalczik is looking to put his best players on the field come game day which led to different matchups on Tuesday afternoon. Michalczik moved players around in order to find what position he wants to play them at.

“We are making strides,” Michalczik said. “You made strides, then you add more in, and you feel like you take steps back. I like the way they are working. I think they are trying to work through things and raise the tolerance level of being tired. I like that part of it but we are not where we need to be yet.”

The offensive line had good blocking ability Tuesday and gave their quarterbacks siginificant time to make plays. Michalczik is still looking to figure out his depth as no players have truly cemented their starting positions.

“Any time there is a successful play, it’s eleven guys,” Michalczik said. “There are times when players get too much credit and there are times when they get too much blame. It’s eleven players and there are some good things and some bad things.”

The Beavers will return to practice on Wednesday afternoon. Stay tuned to Beaver Blitz for full coverage from fall camp.