Now that Spring Camp 2018 is officially complete, BeaverBlitz analyst Marcus Greaves, a former football player at Oregon State, breaks down the team, position by position. Who stood out? Who needs to grow? Marcus gives us his opinion.

Next up, he takes a look at the cornerbacks.

Who Impressed: Deshon Wilson and Kaleb Hayes

Wilson: This kid is something special. To be honest, I was caught off guard how developed and physical this kid was at corner, especially given the fact that he should still be in high school. I was extremely impressed with his game.

He reminds me allot of former Beaver Steven Nelson. What he and Nelson have in common is they refuse to be blocked. Whenever a receiver would come to block him, he would make first contact and throw the receiver off of him and lay a huge hit on the ball carrier.

I was also impressed with his press ability. He constantly was disrupting the receivers timing and routes. This is a huge part of his success on the field. Being physical has its downfalls, but, I didn’t see him get beat once this spring. He also made a number of plays on special teams, which means the kid is probably going to play right away.

Hayes: I was skeptical about Hayes speed coming into the spring and said that I hoped he proved me wrong, and he did just that. He out preformed everyone but Wilson in my opinion. His footwork was phenomenal and it was apparent that he has been putting the extra work.

The most impressive thing that I saw with Hayes was that he looked confident. That is one of the most important things a corner needs to be successful. He wasn’t afraid to be on an island and be one on one with receivers. In the Spring Game he put his hard work on display and had multiple deflected passes as well as an interception. I loved more importantly that Hayes stepped up to the challenge and proved me wrong.

Who Needs More Time: Isaiah Dunn

I wouldn’t say he needs more time, as he was a starter in numerous games last season, but I think he took a little step backwards this spring. He was getting beat often and his footwork didn’t seem as good as it should have been being an experienced corner.

I think Dunn needs to work on his fundamentals a little more in the summer because these young guys are going to elevate the competition for some playing time.

Didn’t See As Many Reps: Xavier Crawford

It seems like we haven’t see Crawford in quite some time on the field. We know what he can do as he was an All American during his freshman season. When he returns from injury I assume he will be a little rusty. Once he is back, he will be the leader of the secondary and I expect big things from him this season if he can come back 100% from the injury.