Now that Spring Camp 2018 is officially complete, BeaverBlitz analyst Marcus Greaves, a former football player at Oregon State, breaks down the team, position by position. Who stood out? Who needs to grow? Marcus gives us his opinion.

Next up, he takes a look at the outside linebackers.

Who Impressed: Hamilcar Rashed

Rashed is a name you are going to hear quite often as the season rolls around this fall. The kid is an absolute freak of nature and truly looks like he is a guy that belongs in the SEC with his size and speed. Rashed is most certainly going to start and I think he will provide dominance that we haven’t seen from the linebacker position in quite some time.

His initial strike on a blocker can push them back 2 to 3 yards. His first step is also extremely explosive and he dominated the offensive line all spring. To put this in perspective, he is the only player on the defensive side of the ball that I have seen overpower Blake Brandel, which obviously is not an easy thing to do.

Every time I watch Rashed I question why he wasn’t thrown into the mix more last season, but now that he showed what he is capable of, he is going to have a huge season.

Who Needs More Time: Adam Soesman

Soesman has been around for quite sometime in this program, but it seems like he has not been able to get over the hump to earn serious playing time. This spring when he played, it just didn’t seem like he had the same fire he did when he first came to Oregon State. Maybe it's from the injuries he has suffered, but he just hasn’t really wowed me in quite some time and I think it is going to be extremely tough for him to see significant playing time on anything other than special teams.

The outside linebacker position is deep and as of right now and I don’t see him cracking into the first of second unit. It is unfortunate that Soesman won't crack the lineup because he is a very smart football player, but he has went MIA the past few years.

Didn’t See As Many Reps: Kameron Carroll

Redshirt junior Kameron Carroll didn't see as much action as I expected him to see this spring, especially with Bright Ugwoegbu out this spring with a team suspension. I will be anxious to see Carroll in August as he could be a valuable special teams player.