The Penn State football team held its annual summer poster giveaway in downtown State College late Thursday afternoon. But there was a twist this year. Rather than holding the event on a quiet, ordinary weekday, it was instead staged during Arts Fest, when hundreds of thousands of people descend on Happy Valley.

Since things were expected to me a little more hectic than usual as the Nittany Lions strolled the streets, handed out posters, signed autographs and posed for photos, the typical approach of allowing media interviews after the event was scrapped.

But one very key — and funny — interview did take place. As their time handing out posters was coming to an end, wide receiver Juwan Johnson and quarterback Tommy Stevens called a young video person over. With the camera rolling — you can see it above — Johnson proceeded to interview Stevens.

You want to watch the whole thing above to get a feel for how much fun they were having. And while doing so, realize that Stevens recently reported to the media that he is 6-foot-5, 240 pounds. Sure makes you wonder exactly how big the receiver interviewing him is.

Anyway, back to the interview. The best part was when Johnson (No. 84) asked Stevens (No. 2) about “No. 84.” The two are apparently roommates.

It went something like this:

JOHNSON: “You’ve got a big wide receiver, No. 84, he’s quite the goofball. How do you feel about him this season and what he’s planning to do — along with No. 2?”

STEVENS: “I’ll tell you what man, 84, what a guy. Just a guy that you want to have on your team. A guy that you want in your locker room. A guy that you’d love to live with. Just an all-around great guy.”

JOHNSON: “I’ve got to meet him one day.”

You can see the entire short interview in the video above.