Gay vs the locker room

Gay vs the locker room

  • Yes, controversial topic but looking for honest discussion here.  And we are talking Locker Room environment only.  I am a woman.  And I see it as a problem having lesbians sharing close quarters with straight women.  Why, I dont want another woman looking at me, and having sexual thoughts in their heads.  That bothers me a lot.  When I went to PSU, it was a different time, but like today, us cheer ladies were a pretty tight group. We hung out a lot together afterwards, double dated a lot, and partied a lot together. But we also changed and showered together after workouts and competitions and of course, shared many of our closest thoughts with eachother.  We joked a lot, often of sexual things but again, we were a tight group.  None of us girls were gay.  I, and several others on the squad definately had issues if we were forced to change, and shower with a gay woman.  Whether they came out of the closet or not, our thinking was the same. Was our thinking immature.  We didnt think so, as it was just howwe felt deep down inside. I give the following example.

    John, a straight male showers with his straight teammates.  no biggie, right!  They are all straight, they dont even think about, they don't care, they dont hardly look, nor are they botheredseeing another male in the buff.   But, imagine if John is forced, or allowed to shower with the female cheer squad.  Do you think John, being a straight male is going to look, do you think his eyes would be wondering, is he going to imagine, is he goingto have sexual thoughts running through his head while showering, or even later. I say yes because he is naturally attracted to the opposite sex.  It would be normal for John to want to think about being with one, or several of the girls. 

    Now, John, the gay male showers with his straight male teammates.  Is John not going to be interested, or imagining things, or have sexual thoughts about his favorite stud muffin QB or 6 packed ripped Safety because gay people dont have such thoughts?  I doubt it.

    I just think its creepy to have to share a locker room, and showers, especially if they are the big bay showers with people who have a different sexual orientation than I do. 

    Is my example truly wrong?  Do gays not get excited, or have sexual thoughts if they see the people they are attracted to in the nude?
    PSU Cheerleader