As the summer continues, so do the endless countdowns, previews, predictions and discussions about the upcoming football season that still seems oh so far away.

But on July 4, we can change the discussion at least for a day. Following the lead of our 247Sports partners at AuburnUndercover, we’re taking time today to look at the fireworks over the years provided by Tennessee football.

Long runs, long passes, kickoff returns, punt returns, you name it. We’ll run down the list of some of the longest plays in school history, as well as some of the most memorable.

Kelsey Finch went 99 yards for a touchdown at Florida in 1977, and Casey Clausen had a 90-yard touchdown pass caught by Mark Jones in 2003 against Georgia. Eric and Evan Berry have combined for some memorable returns. James Wilhoit, Jeff Hall and other kickers had some of the biggest kicks in the history of the program.

So with that said, sit back and enjoy — and watch — some of the biggest fireworks Tennessee football has produced over the years.