Five Predictions for USC vs. Arizona State (Week 10)

Five Predictions for USC vs. Arizona State (Week 10)

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  • 1. ASU will out rush USC by almost 2 to 1.

    2. Slovis will get sacked at least two times.

    3. Slovis will throw at least one interception.

    4. USC will blitz at least ten times and at least half of those blitzes will result in ASU first downs.

    5. Jayden Daniels will look like an All-Pro today, having the best statistical game all year versus a power 5 team.

  • Nice try. Now for a much funnier list:

    1) Jinks surprises everyone by putting Ben Griffiths at RB. He scores a TD.....but tears his ACL in the process....then enters the transfer portal.

    2) Mike Bohn, Larry Scott, and Rick Caruso are photographed walking into an Illuminati-owned bar together.

    3) Urban Meyer turns down Bohn's low-ball job offer. Instead of raising the salary offer, Bohn hires Brady Quinn as the new head coach. His daughter Harley 'joins' the women's rowing team.

    4) Curtis from Moreno Valley and Jeremiah from Snake Lake are hired to replace Tim Tessalone and Arthur Bartner respectively.

    5) Quincy Jountti scores his first TD and tries to give the ball to Marcus Allen on the sideline. Keely Eure puts QJ on 'stock down' for plagiarism.

  • Tarmac 2.0

    Kurt Warner is mentioned 2x by the announcers before halftime.

    Slovis throws 2 interceptions and 98% of his passes won't go over 6 yards.

    Jayden Daniels will throw for 250 yards and rush for 80.