LOOK: Suspended USC WR Munir McClain issues statement

LOOK: Suspended USC WR Munir McClain issues statement

  • souyay said... (original post)If a student gets a full academic scholarship with room and board and they create a business while they are in school. The school doesn’t suspend or ...

    I agree, the players need an outside source of income to supplement scholarship provisions.

    Keep in mind, Munir wasn't suspended for his shoe business.

  • souyay: what if he was reselling athletic shoes provided free to the players under the Nike contract?

    BTW, players are already being paid with their scholarship worth $300 - 400K. The NCAA program to compensate them for their "image" will prove to be the end of college football as we know it today.

  • Bringing up Heltons contract is valid. Many of you have had discussions about it.

    Munir wants to make a living but white collard people are telling him to "stay in your place".

    Then you have docbrown, once again, telling black people how they should feel and they should be happy they are allowed to go to college.

  • Thanks for sharing all that.....

  • Helton's contract, regardless of the millions he's stealing, has nothing to do with this. Mr. McClain threw his coach under the bus when this is about an EDD investigation and USC administration, not an issue about him earning money or not being allowed to due to NCAA rules.

    99% of players couldn't earn as much as their scholarship is worth annually based on revenue from their likeness and status as a USC player, so this notion of players being slaves and working for free is false. And again, that isn't even the issue, but rather a bs PR tactic being used by Munir and his advisors to paint him as a victim and USC as the exploiter.


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  • 3streetsofvalue said... (original post)Any attorney who green lights that statement to be released is worthless.

    Lol, agree, so thought the same at first, but I don’t think that was the atty. I think it was the other guy involved who did.

  • Good kid...
    Good family.
    Let it play out!!

  • BlackLeftLeft said... (original post)Helton's contract, regardless of the millions he's stealing, has nothing to do with this. Mr. McClain threw his coach under the bus ...

    I am a bit more sympathetic to the D1 football player and I'll tell you why. The slavery analogy is dumb, not worth discussing by serious adults. BUT, football is a violent sport, and whether these young men go on to the NFL or not (95% will not) they are writing checks against their future bodies, and I believe schools have a moral responsibility to address. In other words, even a scout team player is punishing his body to the degree that might not show up for decades. And the football player is doing this to a degree that no other sport does. I think permanent medical coverage at some level (as primary or supplemental) paid for by the universities, as well as any other reasonable expenses that may occur as a direct result of this particular sport. Moreover, given the reality of what this sport demands at elite universities as far as time, I think a look at class requirements, as well as what it means to be a full-time student both need examining. For most schools, to be FT one must carry 12 semester hours. In order to address what playing football at this level REALLY entails, we might have to overhaul what sort of degree and/or expected progress toward a degree looks like for a football player. The ncaa is hopelessly out of touch, and their rules are often silly, approaching cruel.