247Sports members now get CBS All Access with VIP membership

247Sports members now get CBS All Access with VIP membership

  • We have great news to share with our valued 247Sports VIP members. As our way of saying thank you, a subscription to CBS All Access commercial-free plan is now included with your 247Sports VIP membership at no additional cost.

    Watch all your favorite shows on demand along with exclusive access to your favorite 247Sports team site and experts. Stream over 10,000 episodes, All Access Originals, and live TV - including NFL on CBS and SEC Game of the Week!

    Enjoy the CBS All Access commercial free plan (a $99.99 annual value) for the lifetime of your 247Sports VIP membership.

    To activate your CBS All Access account, simply visit THIS LINK

  • Discussion
  • So this is good for ANYONE with a VIP membership... monthly, annual, whatever. For right now you have to fill out a few things on the CBS side (ask me if you have any issues) and you have to initiate your membership from here on 247 while you are logged into your account. You will create a separate CBS account and as long as you have your membership here, you get a free membership there. No strings, nothing but free access to CBS All Access.

    This is very cool and a great value add to your membership here.

    In the coming months you won't have to add a separate CBS account, but they really wanted to give everyone access ASAP so there are a few steps you need to take to set this up. In a couple of months it will all be under the same username/account.