An AD added on Thursday and a coach subtracted Sunday?

An AD added on Thursday and a coach subtracted Sunday?

  • Anyone think it possible?

    With early signing period approaching you have to consider the thought that if SC wants to salvage the 19/20 recruiting period they will need to consider the option of firing Helton if the team loses on Saturday to ASU. With a new AD in the fold speculation on who could be the new head coach will narrow down to just a few options. This may cause some kids who are currently committed to other programs to put their decision back to the Feb signing day verses Dec.

    If the Trojans don't fair well Saturday, does anyone else feel that by Sunday morning we could have Helton out?

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  • Helton should be long gone already

  • It sure looks like either way the game goes Saturday, I don't think anyone should be surprised if a change is made right after,

  • Only way I see a delay is if we win by a large amount. This only delays out of respect IMO.

  • Adam Maya
    · Nov 7, 2019
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    WC Chano XL ?
    Of course we all want Urban as our HC. But are you hearing any other names at all coming out of HH?

    7:27 PM - Nov 7, 2019
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    I was convinced for the longest that Clay Helton would coach through the UCLA game. But the timing and circumstances surrounding this AD hire make him vulnerable. I've had a few sources tell me a loss could be it.