Keep a close eye on the Trojan WR's today

Keep a close eye on the Trojan WR's today

  • I'm not going to name names, but there are two starters that when they know they're not getting the ball thrown their way, there is a huge lack of effort in trying to sell their route.

    Why that clown Helton or any of the rest of the staff hasn't got on them about the piss pour effort, well actually that shouldn't surprise me.

    The lack of effort carries over from practice to the games and people wonder why the Trojans/Helton's record is what it is.

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  • Tyler Vaughns. Hes a joke.

  • That goes back to my original complaint. USC has a roster issue.

  • DeMatDeTes said... (original post) Tyler Vaughns. Hes a joke.

    One of the WR's will give a half hearted attempt at a juke and then will take about three strides off the line and quit. I've seen that in quite a few games and the effort is getting worse, especially if the play calls for the ball to be thrown on the opposite side.