Online show I recommend will appear from 5-7 P:M wednesday

Online show I recommend will appear from 5-7 P:M wednesday

  • called "An American Tango" concerning my folks, dance team, Veloz and Yolanda, beginning with some early football stuff as when my father , Frank Veloz, still not fully fledged, lets go of my mom in utmost fatigue in a speakeasy during the late 20's in NYC sending her sliding smack into Red Grange's small table, knocking it, and him, over, having that way tackled the then so ellusive "Galloping Ghost" But there is more -- Florenz Ziegfeld's final extravaganza, "Hotcha - LAID IN MEXICO" whose theme song was "José can you see?" Walter Winchell, Mayor jimmy Walker, Prohibition goons, Gypsy Rose Lee who is gangster/Broadway Angel Waxey Gordon's girlfriend and whom bought her for Valentine's day the finest set of teeth money could buy, the financial 'partnership' of Gordon and sanguinary gangster Dutch schultz, who finds it necessary to have my ole man schooled a little roughly on how to not drink so much that one forgets his financial duties to... dear ole Dutch Schultz, AKA Arthur Flegenheimer, whose victorious Manhattan "wars" first with Legs Diamond then with Mad Dog Coll, blown off the streets of New York by chicago cannons flown in for the one-day job, Schultz's catskill's mecca where vast sums of gold and silver STILL are sought after, never having yet been found, cuz whomever dug the holes that contained such loot, well that was always the very last chore of that luckless gangster's life. The lamentable demise of Dutch schultz when he concludes that arseholl Attorney General of New York, Thomas Dewey, is so ambitious that he freaking cannot be bought off, and that "The Dutchman" means to show the world that there is nobody he cannot have whacked out, and so night after night he stalks Dewey PERSONALLY AND ALL ALONE in the shadows "for practice", meaning to blow freaking Dewey -- or even freaking Governor Roosevelt himself, if need be -- into two parts with a special Thommy gun at a phone booth Dewey is observed always making calls in at the same time, under the theory that "corpses make rotten presidents"...Schultz was an amazing wit sometimes. Yet forces were amassing against him -- the Guineas, for one, driven here from their starving nations to polute America. and we musn't overlook Flatbush's Murder, inc, those magnificent jewish specialists and their colorful tap dancer, Mendy the bug! Or else Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, the world's most famous canary ever, the one that could sing...but couldn't fly. THIS peice of colorful Brooklyn history, many should recall, is "lifted" early in the film, "On the Waterfront", when Two-Ton Tony Golento got his first non-combat film cameo which was even more brief than his bum-of-the-month short feature vs Joe Louis. BUT...does anyone still recall that Galento actually knocked down the Brown Bombrt in the first round? ...wishing to make good his vow to "muder da bum"

    AND there is dancing, see, lots of tangos and rhumbas and fist fights between tough guy twinkletoes in relentless pursuit of, but nay, gentle reader, for that would be telling! IF Ryan is so kind and generous as to allow poor little me this one time self advertising, and Lord knows, I've done my own share as a one man claque, talking up Ryan for 20 years... my "An American Tango" will consume two hours on Wednesday evening, our time, between 5 and 7 P:M upon the Santa barbara "State Street Ballet" website, and the freaking ballet company NEVER even bothered to tell ME that this thing was coming down...showing me yet again no respect, as usual, to a downtrodden guinea nobody like me. One must therefore google "State Street Ballet" website and click away, I know not how, exactly, and reserve "a spot" in this speakeasy or, as the more colorful word then used, this "blind pig" The narrator of this darksome noir extravaganza is Joe fuqua, as all you Civil War buffs will clearly recall as cavalry general, Jeb Stuart, in both "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals", this time playing one Augustino Tuccio, otherwise known as "Auggie the Tout" ...well here's to noblesse oblige! paese che vai...usanza che trovi. Fight on! AND kindly recall that Virgil pronouced Rome as having been founded...BY TROJANS.

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  • Well here is some brevity -- show stunk to heaven. Hey nobody's perfect.

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