OT: Potential MLB Breakthrough - 60-Game Season

OT: Potential MLB Breakthrough - 60-Game Season

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  • 40 MLB players have covid 19, i doubt there will be a season unless minor leaguers play

  • oldmanjay66 said... (original post)40 MLB players have covid 19, i doubt there will be a season unless minor leaguers play

    That goes for every season.

  • time to bean some stros

  • Lifted via CBS Email. Key dates, financial ramifications of the 2020 MLB season ??

    Over the past couple of months I have grown to dread writing about baseball simply because it has meant constantly providing endless updates on the status of the frustrating labor negotiations. Now, with an imposed 60-game season officially approved by the players union yesterday, we're finally free. We can finally enjoy talking about baseball again.
    So, now that we've got a season in place, let's talk about the season and some things you should know. How about we start with some key dates to put in your 2020 planner?

    Start of "spring" training: July 1
    Opening Day: July 24
    Trade deadline: August 31
    End of regular season: Around September 27
    End of postseason: Likely before November 1

    Another thing we should discuss is money. I mean, it's pretty much the reason why it's taken us so long to get to this point, right? Players and owners battled over compensation until everyone was red in the face (including all of us fans) and, in the end, both sides had to give up a bit. The players got the full prorated salaries they were after, but in a much shorter season than they wanted. Owners couldn't convince players to take additional cuts, but a 60-game season will help cut costs.

    Since so much has been made about player salaries over the past couple of months, our Mike Axisa took a look at some of the numbers. With a 60-game season and full prorated pay, players will earn 37% of their full season salaries this year. Here's how that looks for some of the game's highest paid stars:

    Mike Trout: $37.7 million in full season salary, $14 million in prorated salary
    Gerrit Cole: $36 million, $13.3. million prorated
    Max Scherzer: $35.9 million, $13.3 million prorated
    Zack Greinke: $35 million, $13 million prorated
    Stephen Strasburg: $35 million, $13 million prorated

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, the league minimum was $563,500 this season, so the 60-game prorated minimum works out to be $208,700. Those are some significant losses, so it is understandable why players didn't have much interest in taking additional cuts after having agreed to full prorated salaries in March. It's also worth noting that the players have no additional salary protections if the season is once again disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.
    Still, they're probably not going to get a whole lot sympathy from the general public when they're still being compensated quite handsomely, especially when so many people are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic.
    Finally, we've gotta talk about that grievance. After failing to reach an agreement with the league during labor negotiations, the players' union reserves the right to file a grievance against MLB, arguing the league didn't make its best efforts to play as many games as possible. This would potentially earn the players back pay and/or access to team financial records, or potentially give them more leverage in 2021 CBA talks. Had the players come to an agreement with the league on a proposal, they would have had to waive their right to file.

    While it's inevitable that next year's CBA negotiations will be a disaster, for now, we can finally be excited about actual baseball. Maybe. It was announced yesterday that three Rockies players -- including Charlie Blackmon -- tested positive for coronavirus, so it's important not to overlook... that whole pandemic hurdle.

  • Dodgers gonna be in the world series like...

  • GusFring505 said... (original post)Dodgers gonna be in the world series like...

    That looks like a Knicks player, iyam.

  • westcoastfball said... (original post)That looks like a Knicks player, iyam.


    World wide wes is about to change things at the garden...