Playing 2020 Season Will Save Countless Lives

Playing 2020 Season Will Save Countless Lives

  • MLB tv ratings are through the roof. That means millions of people were at home watching MLB. How many of those millions would of otherwise gone outside of their homes and fell victim to the ebola is impossible to know.. Though, it's sure to be over a thousand.

    And this is baseball we're talking about.

    Imagine how many folks will be rescued from the deadly combination of inside-boredom and outside-plague with live football games on all day during Fall Saturdays? (millions)

    And what about the players?

    I'd bet your last dollar that more players will end up being infected without a season than with. I mean, a football season consumes a lot of time and energy that could very easily be spent on riskier activities, otherwise. For instance, with no football on their Saturday schedule, what's stopping players from sneaking into the City Zoo and being bitten by a rabid, ex-wild animal? The obvious question is: Just how many players will have to die by rabies before college administrators come to their senses and fully commit to a 2020 football season?