Steelers Start 11-0 and Finish 12-5

Steelers Start 11-0 and Finish 12-5

  • What a turnabout.

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  • Tomlin has some really embarrassing playoff losses. Tebow, Bortles and now this.

  • Tomlin has “Heltoned”

  • Raygoza said... (original post)Tomlin has “Heltoned”

    Helton would never get to 11-0 to start with. When Helton is let go from uscm he will end up at some smaller school like Arkansas state. There will be no talent advantage. That will be fun to watch.

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  • Tomlin might be extremely overrated. Team seems undiscplined under his leadership. Also seems like they've lost to inferior teams a lot over his tenure.

    Is he even a good x and o guy? He never even ran his own defense even though he got the gig as a DC (of a 6-10 team). He's run out guys who are better coordinators than he was (Arians, LeBeau, etc.).

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  • they pulled a real Helton all right.