Division 4 (Power Football Conferences) may leave NCAA - READ

Division 4 (Power Football Conferences) may leave NCAA - READ

  • There's been a flurry of articles that you may have missed recently regarding the power conferences (SEC, Pac, Big 12, B1G, ACC) leaving the NCAA and doing their own thing.

    Here's a couple of links below. Some great quotes inside...

    "At Monday's Big 12 media event, commissioner Bob Bowlsby called for “transformational change” that could eventually create a dividing wall between the five “power” conferences and the rest of college football."

    "We've made it too easy to get into Division I and too easy to stay there,” Bowlsby said, later adding. "Northern Iowa and Texas aren't much alike."

    "Get ready, then, for Division 4, where those BCS schools (Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, ACC, SEC) are going to set their own rules." Dennis Dodd

    "Forget a four-team playoff. How soon could Division 4 officials institute an eight-teamer? As soon as they damn well please." Dennis Dodd

    Now - go back to the unanimous vote that took place at the SEC meetings - stating that Notre Dame wouldn't be part of Division 4 unless they joined a conference.

    According to Spurrier, when the SEC head coaches spoke in Destin this year, they agreed unanimously that Notre Dame should have to join the ACC in order to level the playing field of its influence.

    "Eye on College FBall: Steve Spurrier said the SEC coaches agreed 14-0 that Notre Dame should join the ACC as a full member."

    That being the case - I think that it's pretty clear that the wheels of change are still in motion and it looks more and more like Notre Dame will have to join on with the ACC for a full 8 game schedule of football if they're going to be part of this new landscape in college football.

    NCAA power-conference subdivision possible, A

    ACC commissioner John Swofford says it's possible that power conferences could form a subdivision of high-resource schools within the NCAA.

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    Bowlsby attacks NCAA; suggests Division 4 foo

    Potentially transformative time in college sports, if complaints by Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby are any indicator of a groundswell.

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    Look for Division 4 to revolutionize college

    Big 12 commissioner says time has come to create a new division

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    SEC Media Days 2013: Steve Spurrier Takes Sho

    Before talking about his South Carolina Gamecocks and their championship aspirations, head coach Steve Spurrier regaled the crowd at SEC media days with tales of the conference meeting in Destin , Florida...

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  • Discussion
  • An 8 team playoff with the 5 conference champions and 3 at large teams would make the most sense. Play round 1 at higher sees. Semis at rotating bowl sites. Championship game bid out to highest bidder. "Divison 4" will be printing it's own money!

    If its a complete break for all sports, I would do a 32 team March Madness.

  • 32 team tourney would be too much. It would destroy the importance of the Regular Season. 8 team playoff would be about right. It would place a huge importance on the Regular season and Winning the Conference championship game which would essentially be a play-in playoff game. There is too much money not to do this. Just think about the Billion Dollar deal for NCAA basketball Tourney. Those revenues are split among over 300 teams. 66 team split would be a huge wind fall. The thing slowing this down is the Presidents not wanting to be all about the money and screwing all the other schools in the country. Also of concern is anti-trust concerns and the current tax exemption status.

  • Was trying to say do a 32 team tournament for basketball if Division 4 splits for all sports. Agree that an 8 team playoff is the best way to do football.

  • In recent years the basketball tourney selection committee has given preference to midmajors over teams from BCS conferences when selecting bubble teams. The power conferences are sharing money that could be staying in their pockets.

  • Weaver will probably try to keep us back in Division 1. Going to Division 4 is just too much travel....totally not worth it.

    Edit: This is wildly irrelevant, but I'm watching ESPN and they just interviewed David Wright. He had a full size VT Football helmet hanging in his locker. We rule!

  • Here's the other thing - with ND as a partial - we have 15 schools (with Louisville included) for non-revs. 14 for football and ND as a partial member.

    If ND joins full up in football, which it sounds like our conference (and even the SEC!) are all in favor of. We'll need one more member to round out our landscape at 16 full up members.

    It brings back the argument of who #16 should be.

    Top contender is probably Cinci. But, you'd have to think that ND may very well lobby for Navy to get in so that they're not left out altogether - plus that's another game on the schedule that they wouldn't have a conflict with. Thereby pushing their ACC number to 6 - meaning - they'd just need two more games per year for full membership.

  • Notre Dame would be in no position to lobby as they are contractually obligated to join the ACC for football if they choose to join a conference.

    I suspect that a BCS Conference breakaway would set off an arms race to get everyone to 16 but what do I know... I feel like they would want as many TV Markets covered as possible

  • If ND is forced to join a conference if the power conferences split, I really like Navy as #16. Benefits would be

    1) Would make it easier for ND to agree to 2 more conference games (a total of 8 conference games)
    2) Navy has more National appeal then UCONN or Cinci
    3) with 16 teams we can go to 4 team pods and alleviate the scheduling problems we all have been complaining about
    4) Gives us a increased presence in DC / Baltimore / Annapolis - Navy can play 2 of their larger home games (certainly against VT) at Fed Ex or M & T in Baltimore.
    5) Academics & Tradition certainly fit the ACC model
    6) Navy has great non-rev sports. BBall would suck, but our BBall league would be so dominant, that It certainly would not hurt us

    realistically, if we go to 16, its NAVY, Cinci and UCONN, in that order of preference for me. Those are the only realistic options I think, as we are not prying away Penn St from the BIG

  • Hokienutz, I agree with your post on this. I have seen where Navy fits the ACC profile better than a lot other teams being mentioned . I've said, like others, the College Sports World is not going to be happy until it goes to a format like the one that is being rumored . Buckle Up, cause It's coming to this...

  • I would not mind Navy

  • I'd be all for adding Navy (assuming ND is forced into joining the ACC for football) and going to 16 teams if it were ONLY for the purposes of 4 team pod scheduling. While I do really like the additions of PITT, Cuse and L-Ville, I hate that we have to play BC every year, and only get FSU, Clemson, L-vile 2 x in 12 year period. Adding ND for football and Navy, would obviously really increase the ACC's appeal on a NATIONAL level (as opposed to really only East Coast as we are now), and increased our TV contract. As NBC has ND home games, ESPN would then have the rights to 4 ND road ACC conference games, as opposed to only 2-3 per year (depending on the year).

    If the 5 power conferences are successful in transforming the way the NCAA rules work (player stipends, scholarships limits, recruiting rules etc..), I tend to think the conference AD's & commissioners will probably vote that the only way ND is included in the new format is if they join a conference (ACC).

  • This is definitely the way to go.

  • where is hokie ranger to chime in with the real scoop

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