Will Grier has a website devoted to his Heisman Trophy candidacy. He'll probably be named the Big 12's preseason offensive player of the year later this week, and then he'll make all the preseason watch lists that are just around the corner. David Sills was one of three Biletnikoff Award finalists last season, and the other two are in the NFL. Sills will be on that watch list next week, and he'll have a spot on the Big 12's all-conference team this week. David Long played two-thirds of the regular season in 2017 and still is one of Pro Football Focus's favorite linebackers, one who could also have a spot on the all-conference team and one who has joined Sills and Grier in the summertime spotlight.

All three were included in the top 40 of Sports Illustrated's rank of the top 100 players in the country, and this sort of high praise is nothing new as the offseason nears the finish line. A week from today, Big 12 media days begin in Frisco, Texas, and the Mountaineers will be 17 days away from reporting for preseason camp.

"I am narrowly focused on winning games," Grier said. "All that other stuff is great, but the main goal is to be 1-0 after that first week and then be 1-0 for every week after that."

The players try to control what they can control, like winning games, and they'll leave the outside influences to the people in the program and the athletic department who are supposed to manage those things. For now, there are not worried. It's July. Head coach Dana Holgorsen pushed for Grier's Heisman campaign, and he's having fun with the attention his players are getting -- and not getting -- for the time being.

"I really don't pay much attention to that," Sills said. "We know what our team goals are. Obviously, we have individual goals. Everyone's like that. But right now, the focus is on the team goals and doing everything we can do to achieve them. When that happens, the individual goals will happen as well. We all attack this the same way. I'll try to work as hard as I can be be the best I can be."

Neither Sills nor Gary Jennings made that list. One or both will make others. One or both might also be left off others. Bleacher Report ranked the top 10 groups of receivers in the country. The Mountaineers were No. 1. Sills stiff-armed that.

"At the end of the day, it starts with the offensive line," he said. "If Will's not protected by them, we can't get the ball. And Will's got to put the ball in a good spot for us to make plays. So it's not us. It's the offensive line. It's the running backs running the ball to open up the pass game. It's a full, collective team effort."

You get the sense the Mountaineers have been over all of this before. Their responses all share or borrow words and meaning. They're honored and aware, but they are unaffected.

"I don't feel any different," Long said. "It's good to recognition, but somewhere someone else may have a list and have me way down the line. It doesn't matter until I go out there and play how I know how to play."