Satanic/Illuminati control of music industry & Hollywood

Satanic/Illuminati control of music industry & Hollywood

  • It really shouldn't be news to anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention that Hollywood and the music industry
     are pushing a Satanic agenda, but the rabbit hole goes much MUCH deeper than many people realize.  I've been
     looking into this off and on for many years, and it's really mind-blowing the depths of pure evil involved here.

    A few major points:

    1) In general, the music, films, and shows produced by Hollywood are designed to corrupt and degrade the morality
     of the masses, lead them away from faith in their Creator, and ultimately destroy people and society.  This is
    Satan's agenda.  Music and film are incredibly powerful mediums.   And they have had incredible success with this
    plan.  The "sex drugs and rock and roll" revolution that begun in the 1950s and 60s has radically changed levels that would have been unimaginable to those in the 1940s & 50s.

    2) Many top music artists reportedly sign contracts in their own blood, and take oaths to serve the Satanic
    "brotherhood".  Then in interviews and in their song lyrics many artists explicitly admit that they have ""sold their
    soul to the devil"

    3) Many artists admit that they are not the true authors/composers of their music, but receive it via "channeling". 
    Many admit that they have "alter egos" and literal other "entities" that possess them when they perform.  What they
     are describing isliteral demonic possession. 

    4) Many artists are pressured or forced into drug use, sexual immorality, and other depravities as part of their
    initiation into this Satanic brotherhood.  For instance, many sources and inside whistleblowers allege that a large
    portion of the top male artists in rap and hip hop are closet homosexuals/bisexuals.  I know that may sound
    unbelievable, but if you look into the evidence, it's very compelling.  eg, a) Suge Knight says "95% of rappers are
    closet gay", including Dr Dre

    Here are some eye-opening videos from a hip hop insider (warning for some foul language): b) Hollywood: Satan's
     c) The Gay Ritual 

    5) Most top artists openly flaunt their Satanic allegiances in their lyrics, clothing (pentagram/baphomet symbols),
    and via hand signs (the "ok" hand sign which represents "666", the pyramid representing the Illuminati, and the
    "devil horns").   Many of the stage performances are literal satanic rituals -- with the lyrics and imagery conveying
    Satanic/Masonic messages and themes. 

    Highly recommended full-length documentaries:
    1. Sorcerers of Rock and Roll
    2. They Sold Their Souls For Rock and Roll

    Now, I realize some of what I stated above may seem totally unbelievable.  But if you investigate this (starting with
     the links I provided), you will find it's 100% true, and probably have your mind blown in the process.  The amount of
     evidence is absolutely overwhelming.

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  • Now, here are some examples of the imagery and hand signs.  And let me stress, these few examples are just a
    drop in the bucket of the overwhelming evidence out there.  You can literally find hundreds/thousands of examples
     of celebrities doingthe exact same hand signs, staged photographs, etc.

    1.  The "ok" sign which = "666".  Image search google/youtube/etc, and you will find hundreds of celebrities doing
     this sign on purpose, usually in staged photographs for magazines, usually with the hand sign deliberately placed
    over one of their eyes.

    Note that John Lennon is flashing the "devil horns" as well

    Note that banner/flag behind Lady Gaga is the Illuminati all-seeing eye pyramid

  • Katt Williams admits in interview that the Illuminati controls Hollywood.

    Fat Joe says hip hop is "owned" by a "gay mafia" (see @ 1:40)

  • Well, it has obviously controls the NBA also.

  • mudpup wrote: Well, it has obviously controls the NBA also.

    Who runs the NBA?  Stern, Silver.  What do those 2 have in common?

    Of the same "tribe" that controls Hollywood and the music industry, and is leading the Satanic "new world order" agenda.

  • Anyone who can't bench 300.... Is gay.


  • Google John Todd - illuminati.  Couple of good 30 minute lectures.  He was out of the Collins family (member of the council of 13) and was responsible for infiltrating rock (including Christian rock) with Illuminati and Luciferian dogma.  Turned Christian, started his own ministry exposing the Illuminati, esp the rock music part of it - all of a sudden, No John Todd.

  • ValhallaBound540 wrote: Anyone who can't bench 300.... Is gay.


    Ever noticed how it seemed about 90% of the top music artists coming out of Britain in the 1970s and 80s were
    homosexual?  Elton John, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Rob Halford, Boy George, etc.  Both Mick Jagger and
     David Bowie are alleged to be bisexual.   And this is just talking about the ones we know of and it's come out into
    the open, about their homosexuality.  Surely many more have kept it mostly under wraps.

    Now, apparently homosexuals are supposed to only be around 2-3% of the population.  What kind of statistical
    "anomaly" would it be that around 80%-90%+ (just guessing, but a very high percentage, based on general
    population % rate) of rock musicians (and now hip hop stars) are homosexuals?  Something is going on there.  

    Currently, there is a big "buzz" in the urban and hip hop communities regarding the alleged homosexuality of a lot of
     the rap and hip hop stars -- eg, Dr Dre, Lil Wayne, Omarion, Tupac, P. Diddy, Soulja Boy, Jay-Z, etc etc.  Just
    google those names and "homosexual" and you get tons of articles. 


    Dr. Dre Gay? Faith Evans Criticized Over Daughter's Explosive Claims

    50 Cent suggests Diddy and Rick Ross are gay in Instagram photos

    Btw, I'm no hip hop or rap fan.  Not in the least.  I just looked into this aspect of it due to a general investigation into
     the Satanic/Illuminati control of the music business.
  • Out of all of those.....Only " Fitty " Cent could ever bench 300.


    I think not.

  • ValhallaBound540 wrote: Out of all of those.....Only " Fitty " Cent could ever bench 300.


    I think not.

    The "rumors" are flying on 50 cent too.  

    Is 50 Cent Gay?

    Reports have surfaced suggesting that rapper 50  Cent is gay.

    Canadian-American songwriter Rufus  Wainwright has urged the Baby By Me singer to  'come out' insisting that he knows Fiddy is homosexual.

    The openly gay star has claimed to be a huge fan of Fiddy but feels that he  should be honest with his fans about his sexual orientation.

    Game Says 50 Cent Is Gay On Twitter
  • Just today while driving home from church I noticed one of the local "Hotspots" in town had the pyramid with the all seeing eye on it as its symbol. This symbol is used all too often and in too many different places for there to be nothing behind it. Another eye opening video on the subject of symbolism in this country is called Riddles in Stone which is a documentary about the mysteries surrounding the founding of this nation and the cult of Freemasonry. It is obvious that there is an overarching Satanic plan being implemented in a brisk manor as Satan knows his time is short. Where you find all of the money, power, and control is where you will surely find Satan. As such, it wouldn't be surprising to find him in Hollywood, where he can easily influence and gain mind control of the unsuspecting masses as they willingly submit to what they think is "entertainment."

  • The "devil horns" was started by Ronnie James Dio whose grandmother (where he got the idea) did it to ward off evil spirits.

  • I am assuming this thread is comic relief and in no way serious.

  • zeke7142003 wrote: The "devil horns" was started by Ronnie James Dio whose grandmother (where he got the idea) did it to ward off evil spirits.

    The devil horns clearly demonstrate allegiance to Satan, as shown below with Anton Lavey and the Church of
    Satan.  Ronnie James Dio may have had a hand in popularizing it's use in heavy metal, but it absolutely is not used
     by fans in rock to signal their desire to "ward off evil spirits".  That's ridiculous. 

  • whoisurdaddy wrote: I am assuming this thread is comic relief and in no way serious.

    Couldn't be further off.  Did you actually read my posts?  Did you check out any of the videos I linked?  If you do, you'll see I'm 100% serious.
  • There are a lot of UT Longhorn fans in this thread.  Who knew?

    Any update on gay country music stars?

  • wvstick wrote: There are a lot of UT Longhorn fans in this thread.  Who knew?

    Any update on gay country music stars?

    Those are the pics posted by users attempting to "debunk" this information.  I didn't post those. Some of those
    pictures could be instances where the devil horns sign was done by Bush signaling UT Longhorns allegiance, or
    could be instances where someone accidently made the sign, in the course of just waving their hand or whatever.

    But to use that as "proof" that the devil horns sign is "never" made to signal allegiance to Satan is laughable.

    I could post dozens/hundreds of pictures of music artists and celebrities on red carpets flashing thedevil horns, in
     obvious demonstration of their allegiance to this satanic agenda.

  • whoisurdaddy wrote: I am assuming this thread is comic relief and in no way serious.

    How did you ever assume that he wasnt serious? This is a very genuine threat to society. Didnt you check out his links? Good god, man.
  • Aleister Crowley is second from left, top row.  

  • LongTimeeer wrote: Aleister Crowley is second from left, top row.  

    Crowley is admired & followed by many top musicians.  Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was/is a fanatical follower.  Andlook who else is a big fan.

    And note the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati on Crowley's hat.
  • On the subject of the Illuminati/NWO control of the music industry & Hollywood, here is an EXCELLENT website:

    Now, I was just perusing this site, and happened across an interesting article on a breaking story.  I know this may seem like a "tangent" from the main subject of the thread, but actually it's right on target.


    Amanda Bynes has just been put under involuntary psychiatric hold. As documented on the vigilant citizen website and others, there is strong evidence that Bynes was sexually abused as a child, and possibly by Hollywood higher-ups, and is what is known as a "programmed monarch slave". 

    Now, what's interesting is that in just the last few days, she posted several tweets about being sexually abused by her father. 

    See here:

    Then, apparently, and for noother reason than this, she is flown from NY to LA and involuntarily committed. 

    I'm not putting this out as any huge smoking gun on the subject of this thread, and I haven't investigated Bynes and her problems in great detail.  But I just found it interesting as it's breaking news.

  • Any update on country music?  Does Nashville fall into this? 

  • Why do I care who controls the industry? As long as Iggy Azalea keeps popping out gems I'm happy. The gay Illuminatis are doing a fantastic job.