Bigfoot on vacation at Myrtle Beach?

Bigfoot on vacation at Myrtle Beach?

  • A tourist vacationing near South Carolina’s Black Mountain range claims he saw something resembling Bigfoot last Thursday, and he managed to capture the entire “encounter” on video.
    Eric Walters told WBTV that he had rented a cabin off North Carolina Highway 9 last week and was enjoying a quiet stay in the woods with his wife and friends. At the time, his biggest concern was not mythical creatures, but bears.
    “Our neighbors told us there was some bear activity and to be cautious,” he said. “So, when [I] walked the trails I’ve kept my Yorkie, Zippy very close.”
    Many wildlife experts advise against bringing dogs on hikes in bear territory, as dogs may instinctively provoke the larger animal and in many cases, result in the bear turning its attention on its owner. Perhaps fortunately for Walters, he did not run into any bears, but he may have found a Sasquatch. During a walk near the cabin on Thursday morning, Waters recorded video of what appears to be a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid walking upright. Whatever it was, it seemed to be inspecting Waters from a distance until Ziggy began barking, at which point it fled.

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  • Looks fake to me

  • Fake! So you are saying Bigfoots, or is it Bigfeet, anywho, are you saying Sasquatch don't deserve a vacation?

    --- Haligan wrote:

    Looks fake to me


  • Although I have an open mind, this looks like total bs.      icon_bs.gif