There may be some trouble brewing in Cleveland. 

According to a report from's Joe Vardon, some Cleveland Cavalier players aren't too happy with LeBron James for what you could call 'assist hunting' and slowing down the team's offense. Rather than moving the ball in the flow of the offense, players feel as though James is waiting until he can deliver an assist, which may look good in the box score, but isn't ideal for the team's overall offense. 

On the season, James is averaging 27.1 points, 8 rebounds, and a career-high 8.8 assists per game. 

From Vardon

"James had one assist -- yes, one -- on Thursday, to go with his game-high 26 points. It was the 10th time in his career he had fewer than two assists in a game. In Minnesota, James scored exactly 10 points for his lowest scoring game in 10 years.

Players have grumbled that James has slowed the ball movement, holding onto the ball until he sees an 'assist' pass, rather than moving it quickly."

For what it's worth, James denied having any sort of an agenda following the Cavaliers 133-99 loss to the Raptors on Thursday night. 

"I don't have [an agenda]. I just want to win," James said. "I just like playing ball the right way, getting guys involved and winning the game also." 

Reports like this usually surface when teams are losing, as the Cavs have been lately (they're 3-7 over their last 10), and as they say - winning cures all - so it's nothing that the Cavs can't bounce back from with a few W's. However, in a world where LeBron James becomes a free agent in a few months, everything is a story, especially potential friction - involving James - within Cleveland's locker room.