Apparently, Stephen Jackson doesn't believe Isaiah Thomas did enough to warrant a tribute video from the Boston Celtics.

According to the former NBA champion and current ESPN personality, Jackson argues that Thomas' tenure in Boston wasn't long enough to warrant a tribute video being made for him at the TD Garden for tonight's Celtics matchup versus the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Thomas spent two-and-a-half years with the Celtics, having been acquired by them via trade midway through the 2014-15 season. In his three years in Boston, Thomas led the Celtics to the playoffs in all three seasons, winning division titles in two of them and leading the franchise to a regular season conference title last year.

With that said, I understand Jackson's point of view. In years past, tribute videos were typically made for guys who spent many years with a franchise, a la Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers or Paul Pierce of the Celtics. It wasn't typical for a guy who spent two or three years with a franchise to have a tribute video made for him.

Having said that, Jackson also has to understand that it's 2018 and guys rarely spend more than a few years with a franchise these days. The standard and criteria for which players deserve tribute videos has changed, which is why the Celtics wanted to make a tribute video for a guy who spent only a couple of seasons with the franchise.

Regardless, there will be no tribute video for Thomas as he doesn't want one, so nobody has to worry about it at the TD Garden tonight.