The 2018 NBA offseason has been an eventful one. With that in mind, Bleacher Report compiled a ranking of the 10 biggest moves made so far. Here's what they had to say about the list: 

"This is the time of year for optimism. All incoming rookies are blank slates. New free-agency signings haven't yet done anything wrong in new jerseys. Upside reigns supreme, if only because no hard evidence points in other directions. 

But after diving into the numbers and using them to inform our subjective order, we can safely say some offseason moves still project as more valuable than others.

As was the case in last year's edition of this countdown, we're only interested in the impact on the upcoming season; long-term aid isn't relevant here, which makes it harder for rookies to rank among the top 10. To be clear, that's "harder" but not impossible, which you'll see when two first-year contributors make appearances. 

These 10 biggest moves are ranked by the on-court rises or falls expected from their teams as a direct result of the decisions." 

Scroll below to see a ranking of the 10 biggest moves of the '18 NBA offseason thus far, via Bleacher Report