On this edition of the 'DBcom Mavs Podcast,' Jamie Horton visits with Mike Fisher and Matt Galatzan of DallasBasketball.com about the aftereffects of DeAndre Jordan, financially and otherwise. How do the Dallas Mavericks approach the Dirk Nowitzki money and are there any more moves to possibly be made?

Here are a couple of read-while-you-listen links we think will enrich your DallasBasketball.com experience! ...

First, to the Jordan fit, as it relates to the X's and O's on the court, courtesy of Galatzan's premium work here:

DeAndre to Dallas: Jordan X-&-O's - the best Mavs center ever?

Then to TJ Macias, taking the emotional-fan angle -- and can you blame her? -- by working to accept what took three years to get done, un-done, and re-done:

BREAKING: DeAndre Official; 'Manners Maketh Man'

And now to the dollars and cents of Jordan's deal, and Dirk's eventual deal, and the positive trickle-down it can have in terms of some level of cap room flexibility:

Loose Ends: Mavs plans for deal for Dirk, $ left after Jordan

We also officially welcome Luka Doncic to the Dallas Mavericks and discuss some NBA Summer League surprises. That is paired with some reading material on Luka's contract as well:

Mavs Tuesday Donuts: A contract for Doncic & a Game 3 Summer win

Here's our Game 2 review ...

Motley and Finney-Smith lead Mavs over Bucks in Summer Game 2

And here's our Summer League Game 1 review as the Mavs advance today to the double-elimination tournament in Vegas Summer League ...

Mavs lose Game 1 in Vegas: Doncic watches as Jr. 'takes it personally'

There are kinks to be worked out in this summer league process. An example? The shooting of second-round rookie Jalen Brunson.

What we wrote coming into Vegas:

All of the above leaves rookie second-rounder Jalen Brunson as a kid likely to emerge as the on-court orchestrator of Dallas' work in Vegas. His pedigree is awfully good; his dad, Rick Brunson, played eight years in the NBA. As a junior in high school he was named the No. 1 point guard in the nation, as a senior he won a state title and was named Illinois Mr. Basketball, as a freshman at Villanova, he helped the Wildcats capture the NCAA title ... and then last year, as a junior, 'Nova did it again. ... Brunson becoming a consensus first-team All-American and the winner of the National Player of the Year award.

“He is a hard worker,” Mavs summer league coach Jamahl Mosley said. “He’s very cerebral in his approach on how he goes about the game. He is going to be very good for our guys from a standpoint of understanding national championships, the work ethic that it takes, and he fits right in to exactly how we want to play and how we want to conduct our organization.”

That can still be true. But there is work to be done.

There is also fun to be had in Vegas. What we wrote about a certain little brother:

It's probably not fair to compare Mavs' second-rounder Kostas Antetokounmpo to his famously-accomplished brother Giannis.

Except, Kostas doesn't shy from the comparisons.

"Our game is kinda alike," Kostas said. "Same physical tools. Long, lanky, athleticism."

The younger Antetokounmpo, who the Mavs are penciling in as a member of the G-League Texas Legends (TV fun for me!) has in the last four days become a media favorite in DFW. He joked about his status as a "lowly'' 60th pick -- “They got to 59,'' he said, "and I was like, 'I might as well get something to eat.''

Kostas is 6-10 (and growing) and 195, so yes, he could use something to eat. And the free throws and maybe the shooting in general needs work. But this is a real prospect ... oh, and if you're projecting to 2021 free agency? That can be real, too, as our Dalton Trigg writes:

"Dallas Mavs Donuts: Wishing Giannis' flattery of Doncic would be the start of a beautiful friendship''

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