It pays to play the quarterback position in the National Football League.

Especially if you are good at your job, and, on occasion, even if you’re not.

The long and memorable history of NFL quarterback play has produced a list of figures who will be remembered for all time after leaving a legacy of greatness both in regular season, postseason, and Super Bowl play. And there have been others who have left a somewhat less dignified impact on the game during their careers. But it’s a virtual certainty that all quarterbacks, good and bad and everything in between, who hear their name called and get a chance to play in the national game will end their career considerably wealthier than when they began them.

In 2018, the quarterback position underwent major financial changes as the market for the league’s signal callers saw an unprecedented increase, with several players in the recent past signing contracts that routinely broke boundaries.

Matthew Stafford landed the NFL’s most generous contract back prior to the 2017 season, a feat that was surpassed a year later by Jimmy Garoppolo, who, despite his relative inexperience, landed a $137.5 million extension with the San Francisco 49ers. Kirk Cousins then inked a three year, $84 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings that featured a then-record $28 million per year payout. But eventually, Matt Ryan took hold the new record, when he signed a five year extension worth $150 million with the Atlanta Falcons, becoming the NFL’s first ever $30 million per year man.

Here is a list of the top 15 quarterbacks by career earnings in NFL history entering the 2018 season.