It pays to play pro football, as the ever increasing salaries and other financial payouts doled out to National Football League stars has proven over the years. NFLers are routinely included among the names of the highest paid figures in the country, even if they still lack some clout when being compared to other athletes from around the world.

Competing with the luminaries of European soccer, Formula 1 drivers, tennis players, NBA stars, and golfers in this category, the NFL still leaves something to be desired, putting just two players, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Saints quarterback Drew Brees, in the list for the highest paid athletes in the world last year.

Still, along with everything else, the price for football players is going up and up.

Notably, two names on the list of the league’s richest players includes a pair of franchise tags: Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell and Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, both of whom have expressed some desire to score that long term deal from their respective employers, but which, as of yet, they have not been able to sign.

Here is a list of the NFL’s richest players by position in 2018.