Assessing the loss

Assessing the loss

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    It's a great look at what we did right and what they did wrong. Gives insight to the rematch. Key.... the ball.

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  • They talked about how the loss of Conner and the Steelers' two top receivers made it look like a preseason game with the backup QB throwing to receivers lower on the depth chart.

    So the question is whether Shuster-Smith, Johnson, and Conner will be able to play against the Browns in two weeks. If not then our defense has a chance to have another good game in terms of limiting scoring.

    They mentioned the Steelers' defense being unable to make "splash plays"; they had no takeaways and just one sack. The Browns offensive line did a nice job in protecting Baker. We'll see what the Steelers dial up in two weeks to try and get more pressure on the QB.

    The Browns won the battle on both sides of the ball and played even on special teams, although there were two missed FG's. The Browns offense is playing better as the season progresses. The addition of Hunt was big and Freddie seems to be gradually figuring out what works and what doesn't.

    Same thing on the defensive side although I can't get too enthusiastic given the injuries the Steelers had to the skill positions.