How do you fix the D? Onward and upward.

How do you fix the D? Onward and upward.

  • No Garrett, Burnett, and a few other defenders are hurt. How do you scheme the D to keep us in games? Mack Wilson could become a piece. Joe Scho---SIGN THIS MAN.

    But I'm not down on it as I thought I'd be. The O will have to step up and carry the team and the D will have riff off that. This may force Freddie to go ball-control all along to protect his weakened defense.

    Good news--I hope Vernon returns soon. Hoping Cox is a good piece. Nice to see Chad Thomas improve. He's not great but if he becomes serviceable that will help Dorsey's 2018 draft.

    Garrett out is a big loss but I'm viewing it as if he tore his ACL and was out for the season.
    PRAYING he can appeal to Goodell after the year to be reinstated for 2020. Hoping it's just 6 games to end the year and glad the schedule is easing up.

    Browns playing these tough teams is toughening them up for the long haul, IMO.