NFL is a sham

NFL is a sham

  • The Game is a Sham

    I remember living in Reno in the early nineties and our dealerships advertising marketing manager guy came by the store with some WWE ticks and wanted to know if anyone wanted to go to see Wrasslin!..

    One of the events I saw as a young boy at the old Cleveland arena was Big Time of the predecessors to the current iterations of Wrasslin entertainment..

    For you younger folks, understand this. Back then in the sixties and clear up until the nineties, a large portion, a very large portion of the fans in attendance of those events did not know it was purely entertainment. For me, I always had an eye for the difference between what we were told was true, and what was obviously true.
    And I was even at a young age, astonished by those whom it seemed, could not tell the difference.
    So attending a Wrasslin match down at the Cleveland arena with the family lawyer who was a avid sports fan and took me there on many occasions to see NHL Hockey, Cleveland Barons, Boxing etc... I was astonished...I mean, it was all too obvious to me that the physical competition was a setup. Of course, ha ha, funny, these guys weren’t really going at it. I had seen people ‘go at it’ at my families drinking establishments, on the East Side. I had witnessed my father open up peoples heads. I had seen boxers like Floyd Patterson, fight in the ring.
    Within a minute or two I realized Big Time Wrasslin was Big Time silly season.. I was admittedly prepped because I had seen it on TV, my auntie who in todays world would be considered Autistic was a big fan of wrasslin on TV, so I had seen Gorgeous George (Gorgeous George was the Guy a young Cassius Clay decided to imitate with boisterous mannerisms, serious trash talk and white trunks) and Bo Bo Brazil on the Black and White TV sets with the rabbit ears...and it was funny....But what the TV did not catch was the fervor and excitement of the crowd. I remember thinking to my self, live in attendance, Holy *****, these people do not realize they are watching a show. They dont get it..OH gee! My mind raced. How stupid are people really? How stupid are the adults out here outside my family? Can they really be this gullible? I never wanted to go back to wrasslin. Boxing, I became a bit hooked on it. That blood, it was real. Were there ‘dives’ yes. But that was when there was a fix in. And it was never agreed upon outside of the very few, in on the scam.
    So later in my early thirties living in Reno, the invite of attending a WWE match , free ticks and free flowing beer and snacks all night long just was not appealing. But the obvious
    Glee that came over the marketing managers face whenever he described the shows was infectious and inspiring. Obviously this man knew what the entertainment value of the product was, and with a wink and a smile he danced around and made fun, lets all go to wrasslin tonight. And many a night, most of the crew would go, get drunk, laugh their asses off and have a good time. A Good deal of the entertainment at the time was watching the simple tools in the audience, Cowboys that never never ever ever, been anywhere or done nothin that didn’t involve a Horse a Cow or a Pickup Truck, transfixed, perplexed, completely overwhelmed at the spectacle of Big Time Wrasslin. It was real. It was real to them. It truly was a contest of wills , death matches. Competition at the highest level, Gladiator sport, coming to town under the big the arena...wink...wink...
    Me? I never went. All I could think of when presented with the prospects of attending was the thoughts I had as a child in attendance. My sheer astonishment at the prospect of grown men going to the Circus and crying with the Clown because they knew “how sad it must be to have 18 inch long feet” The preposterous irony was over the top of my scientific mindset.
    It was in the nineties when slowly but surely, the promotion around the sport of wrasslin began to signal to its most die hard and childishly naive fans, whom as adults must have still been waiting up for Santa on Christmas Eve..

    This Wrasslin thing ain’t real.
    And for years that was the show....Laughing at the ya hoos who thought it was...and there were a lot of them. Sad really. Not any sadder than watching the Orchestrated soap opera of Congressmen reading from scripts...but I wont digress.

    This brings me to the obvious conclusion I am about to state.
    The NFLs games are a sham.
    Just google NFL officiating and links pop up like hot corn in a Theater popper. and Every talking head on every sports network has a Take on it....La la, Blah Blah...

    If you follow the Browns, one thing to note, is The timely nature of momentum changing phantom calls. The game changers. They are in every game, they are real, they are ubiquitous. It cannot be denied.
    NFL referees are governing the game in the way that a mechanism governs a race car engine, they are controlling every outcome. It has been this way for years with the Browns. And a lot of the opinions voiced by fans could be argued. But there is no counter argument any longer, Something is horribly wrong with the game. One in six or seven plays is penalized, and there is no rhyme nor reason as to which plays go unflagged and which ones get the yellow hanky.

    Conspiracy theories.
    Nothing sells more news than conspiracies and the thing is, we most often dont get the point of it at all. That is the joke, the joke is on us for reading, or watching the 100th documentary on who killed John Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.
    I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is, someone wanted them dead, and they got their wish.
    That is the point. Yes Matilda there was conspiracy, accidental, otherwise, but conspiracy nonetheless. Dead. That is the result.

    So while you run to the shelter of ESPN, the media outlet owned by the people who convince children a six foot tall smiling mouse is real, at an amusement park down the road from me, to get your comfort on this subject.
    You may find, the tide turning. Even those fake **** pundits are starting to sound the alarm.
    The same alarm media began to sound back in the early nineties when they started asking Big Time, WWE wrestling people the obvious question. “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” It was also on ESPN, at the time, the WWE faithful were up in arms..Questioning Wrasslin!? It was painful to watch.

    For Browns fans, what could be more cruel than to watch a game where a disproportionate amount of heart soul and emotional investment has been poured, disintegrate into a WWE sham. For this writer fifty years of it.
    What is the conspiracy? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’ matter anymore than who was behind the Assassination of Kennedy, Monroe, MLK. What matters is that someone wanted them dead. And they died. And if you cant get the ‘point’ from that, well then some points you just may never get.

    I have turned off my set, I have turned off my 300 day plus a year obsession with my Browns and the league they play in. NFL 100, It was a good run. Watch it now, What is it?
    I don’t know, but this sure as hell isn’t football.
    Illegal hands to the face, Illegal Blindside block, offensive pass interference, personal fouls, A,B, C, D, part E, F, G. Holding. Holding. Holding. Do day catch do day not...Horatio, is that not the question? Huh!! Red Hanky!! Surely you jest!
    One every seven snaps.

    And we are supposed to believe the outcomes are decided by the 22 on the field.

    Sure thing.
    It’s Dead. Time to face up. Get new hobbies.

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  • Couldn't agree more. The league is deciding to outcome, not the players. I'm sick of it.

    Like you said, I don't know what they are playing, but it isn't football. This is not the game I watched growing up, and it's not the game I want to watch now.

    I won't be a bit surprised if the 2 undefeated teams make it to the SB. In fact I'll be shocked if it doesn't happen.

  • It's not easy. A defensive back and a WR racing down the field, the DB is trying to hook the receiver's arm while the receiver is trying to shove the DB at the last second to create enough separation to make the catch. Who gets the penalty?

    The NFL tried going with 24 full-time refs last year but decided to shitcan the program. This year all refs are back to being weekend warriors. Can you believe that with all the money involved in NFL football they are still using part-time refs? Can't they afford to make these guys full-time?

    The Browns can't control the refereeing, but they need to be more disciplined. Don't move before the snap. Don't shove your hand into an opponent's facemask and push it up. Don't grab the receiver's jersey after he's five yards downfield. Don't block in the back on kick returns. Don't take two steps and push the QB down after he's released the ball. These things should be doable for professional players making millions of dollars.

  • PROSECUTOR said... (original post) It's not easy. A defensive back and a WR racing down the field, the DB is trying to hook the receiver's arm while the receiver is tryi...

    You see Pros, that is a reasoned scientific exploration into trying to explain a phenomena giving the overall the benefit of the doubt, in that, in your argument you assume the best of intentions on the part of the parties involved.

    Accidental or willfull. Negligent or Malice. Incompetent or with Malice. We have gone down that road for years now, and every year, more and more nonsense is added to the game until it has become what it is.

    Watch the games and you understand the outcomes are decided by the referee crews. It is irrefutable.

    The pass interference interpretations notwithstanding it is the haphazard application of judgement calls and the appearance of phantom calls that when applied or not applied steer the games.

    One of the articles I read last week, to see if there was corroborated evidence out there on the wide web, quoted Jerry Jones as saying in response to bad officiating, at least it gives ‘them’ something to talk about Monday mornings..

    That hit me, like bricks. PT Barnum would have said exactly that. The level of disingenuousnous is pouring from the top down in the leauge. The abhorrent phony assed nausea circulating the leauge comes from owners who as Mark Cuban said, have gotten to fat for their own britches.

    They are hogs to be slaughtered.

    The scale of money has gotten to a point of obscenity that is hard to swallow, and all the while the legitimacy of the contests is lost.

    These are not legitimate standings.

    It simply doesn’t matter the whys, there may even be a great degree of competing whys, it doesn’t matter who was behind the JFK assasination, that who is the why. The leauge has allowed a third party intervention into every game. Bullets to the head of the integrity of the league.

    And that integrity of the game being decided by the players was the last bastion of integrity it had.

    It has descended into a circus of a sham.

    Its really obvious, it is blatant.

  • For me personally, I too have not watched a game in over a year. I haven't watched the last 3 super bowls. And I've got my bonifides as a Browns fan red-right, the drive, bottlegate, etc.
    I check ESPN on my phone periodically throughout Sunday but I refuse to waste my time with one game let alone 10 hrs watching 3 games like I use too, plus Monday night. Anyway- to me It is kind of like smut or porn. I can't precisely define it in legalistic terms (I don't know where the line is) but I know it when I see it.
    I wish the best for the Browns organization and obviously I still read and spend time on this site (mostly because I have respect for what Barry started back in the 90s) but the games are unwatchable at this point. It is the disgusting kind of porn that does nothing for me anymore. Remember the Johnson fumble in Washington? And still believing in things like what sobo says about blaming others for your issues. Creates some internal conflict but two things can be true at the same time. The Browns can be guilty of penalties and still be railroaded by the refs. Maybe not in the same play but over the course of a game.
    This had probably been a 5 or 6 year trend for me. Initially thinking I couldn't really connect with the Browns players because they played poor football and stunts like lazy Holmgren really turned me off. But now I really do like the players. I like Mayfield, chubb, bitonio, Garrett, ward, etc. Love them all. I follow them on Twitter. And I would love nothing more than to watch a Browns team put it all on the line to compete as hard as they can in fair environment but when I do I always get the feeling like I'm being cheated and not by the players or even the organization (anymore) it's more systematic now. I love football, I like the players now. But I really REALLY hate the institution of the NFL.
    Boy would I get a kick out of saying that to Goodell. What a phony POS that guy is.

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  • It seems like the issue is league wide