Nice comeback for Brian Hoyer >>>

Nice comeback for Brian Hoyer >>>

  • Here in 2020 as our Backup, and immediately today ,answering back with a 75 yard reply ,after tossin a football length pick six .

    Need to see a beat down of the Appalachins , before we suit up in Donkeyville.

    Browns need to tap in get tough with just that kinda resiliency ,***** gets bad fight your way backout .

    Damn Colts lookin Brownish giving up a last second FG by gifting the inbred with two penalties to keep it at a three point game , gonna have me checking the line coming off Venateri missing an extra point .



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  • Steelers are legit IMO. Not a SB team but could win 9-10 games and go on a roll. 9-7 or 10-6 gets them in even with backups.
    Bet them as favorites in all games coming up except Rams and Bills. But the Bills are at home so I might take them there as well.
    That said, if we split with them this year I will be very happy.