Dane Brugler on Two Podcasts

Dane Brugler on Two Podcasts

  • Dane was a guest on the Best Podcast Available Wed 4/1 on the Browns' site:


    And he held his own on The Athletic site via Prospects to Pros the same day:


    He spoke quite a bit about OTs, especially in the BPA interview by Nathan Zegura. His take on the OTs included:

    - While Wills is his personal favorite, he believes Wilfs is the best fit for the Browns in Stefanski's offense;

    - Also Wills is the biggest projection as a LT among the "top 4" since he is the only one of them with no time at LT;

    - He saw enough of Wilfs at LT in his 3 games there to be comfortable that he will be able to play LT;

    - Brugler believes that the Browns are the team most likely to trade down in the 1st round; further he suspects that they want to trade down and draft Ezra Cleveland as their OT;

    - He pointed out that Cleveland suffered a turf toe injury in his opening game and played with it all season long;

    - In the Prospects to Pros podcast, he and his host spent a lot of time on guys they like who should be available on the 3rd day of the draft; I'll be looking at those guys;

  • Discussion
  • When Zegura asked about safeties at #41, Brugler said to watch for Jeremy Chinn.

  • Thank you for sharing this info. Good stuff.

  • thomas at #10,Chinn at #41,Malik harrison at #74,jonathen grenard at#97, van jefferson at #115....

  • Cleveland scares the crap,out of me and they seem to like him. Hmmm