Draft Redo (2020)

Draft Redo (2020)

  • I hope all is well in the Draft Brew. Stopping by to start up the yearly redraft. No hindsight. Make the picks as if you were the Cleveland Browns general manager during the 2020 NFL draft.

    Let's ROLL!


    My picks:

    10. Tristan Wirfs, OT Iowa - Wirfs was my top-rated offensive tackle prospect. I thought he was the best fit in the system (which obviously the Browns and others disagree with). I still feel he has the most potential to be an All-Pro-caliber blocker. Don't really have any major problems with Wills, this is just a matter of preference. Either way, left tackle is addressed.

    44. Antoine Winfield Jr., S Minnesota - Again, same position yet different prospect. Winfield was my top-rated safety in this class. Love his natural instincts, range and willingness to tackle just like his daddy. There is one caveat with this pick: I don't know how he medical evaluations checked out after playing sparingly during his first two seasons. If he was cleared, I wouldn't have thought twice about selecting him.

    88. Curtis Weaver Jr., DE Boise State - Clearly, I liked Weaver more than NFL teams did since he fell two more rounds. But I can't lie and say I didn't have him highly rated. Yes, Weaver doesn't look like a typical edge-rusher, but he just produced all three years on campus and found ways to get into the backfield. Sometimes, that's all that matters. BONUS: Weaver's addition pushes Chad Thomas one notch further down the depth chart.

    97. Malik Harrison, LB Ohio State - Up until this point, I was perfectly fine with the what the Browns actually did. I preferred other prospects slightly more, but the team found value while addressing positions of need. Jacob Phillips is the only real head-scratcher of the entire class. I had Harrison graded two rounds higher and felt like he was an ideal linebacker to play alongside BJ Goodson.

    115. Tyler Johnson, WR Minnesota - If I'm staying true to my board, Johnson would have been my pick near the top of the fourth round. He's 21 years old and a bigger target (6'2", 205), who really knows how to use his body. He was a reliable as they come the last two seasons. Don't get me wrong: I was pleasantly surprised with the Harrison Bryant pick. I had him rated as a third-round talent as well. But I had Johnson a little higher, plus I wanted to come out of this historic class with at least one WR.

    160. Nick Harris, C Washington: Ecstatic over this pick. PERFECT system fit. He can be the team's primary backup at center and compete at guard if others falter.

    187. Essang Bassey, CB Wake Forest: Yeah, this would have been a bit of a reach since he ultimately went undrafted, but I wanted to address corner, specifically nickel, which the team didn't actually do. Bassey is undersized (5'9', 191 pounds) but, boy, he competes hard. Played outside corner for the Demon Deacons and wasn't completely overwhelmed. Bit of a bulldog. Plus, he has good speed with a 4.46 40.

  • Discussion
  • I like your picks. In all honesty though, I'm fairly happy with what the Browns did with the exception of Phillips. Using these picks and no trades, I'd stick with all the Browns picks but substitute Malik Harrison for Phillips. Hopefully I'll have to eat crow on that in a couple of years but not one expert I saw had Phillips near where took him. Others I would have considered at the spots:

    10- I'm great w/ Wills. Might also take Wirfs or traded down to Queen.

    44- Again, I like the pick. I'll stick w/ it. Would also consider Winfield, Epenesa, Cleveland (if I traded down for Queen & didn't take a T), or trade down a few spots for Chinn.

    88- I'm okay with Elliott. Would've preferred to stick to original spot to take Baun.

    97- Malik Harrison instead of Phillips. If I took the LBs above (Queen & Baun) probably Truatman or Curtis Weaver

    115- I like Bryant as the pick (unless I went Trautman above. If so, I'd consider Bartch to play guard for now, Lynch, or Josiah Scott

    160- Harris was good pick. Fits scheme well. If I had Bartch above, I'd go Johnson, Anae, or Prince Tega to play guard for now.

    187- Peoples Jones another great pick for this pt in draft. Would've considered KJ Hill, but DPJ fits better since we already have small receivers.

    If stuck w/ Baun & didn't trade away 7th- Willekes, Trey Adams, Lavert Hill, Benito Jones, Bacchie, Lipscomb, Nick Coe, or Lavante Bellamy depending on who I took above.

  • 10)Wirfs, but honestly based mostly on SOBO's evaluation. I would have drafted Thomas honestly. I hate projections in the first round and projecting a guy to go from RT to LT is problematic
    for me, same applied to both Wills and Wirfs, but Wirfs had some LT experience. However both of these guys were better than Bechton for me. way to much development needed to pick at
    10. We just cant draft an upside guy at 10. I'm ok with Wills

    44) Stick with Delpit. Winfield was my guy all mock season, BUT then Delpit started sliding, and well he was a no brainer for me so I will stick with DELPIT. Winfield size is against him here and
    he isnt as dynamic as Budda Baker or Honey Badger are. Delpit has a higher floor and ceiling imo. He was injured last year and his play was not as good as 2018. He won the Thorpe
    on reputation. I would have been ok with either Winfield, Delpit or Chinn, but will stick with Delpit.

    88) Elliot. I love what the Browns did in trading back. I placed a higher priority on DT than many here, but I wanted one and am thrilled to get Elliot and an extra 3rd next year.

    97) Harrison, I expected him when he was there at 97, but oddly am ok with the Phillips pick. As an OSU honk, I watched Harrison play, he was never a guy that did anything so special that
    justifies all the angst for passing on him. Phillips is a different kind of LB, and when I looked at Kwon Alexander's measurable's, who played for Woods in SF, I see maybe that he prefers a
    different type of LB. Honestly I would have taken Harrison, but was ok with the Phillips pick. I think the Rats taking Malik with the very next pick has added to the "blown pick" perception. It
    certainly isnt justified by the play on the field.

    115) DPJ I wanted to mock him to us all spring, but could never get him to the fourth round. He was hurt in college, by Harbaugh, inconsistent QB play, and a crowed WR room. He always
    had more than he was given a chance to show. We needed a WR and I am thrilled to grab him here. The pick of Bryant, imo shows Stefanski's preference for TE over WR. With the
    Hooper signing I assumed we were set, clearly this pick shows how we will prioritize going forward. Armed with that knowledge I think Bryant is a great pick and I mocked him to us
    often pre Hooper.

    160) Kenny Willikes-edge I loved his play at MSU a true high motor guy. Limited athleticism and not ideal size, but he always made plays. I would have looked at him in round 4, but DPJ
    is in my opinion a real steal, even a round earlier. We were also benefited getting a 5th we didn't have during mock season, made it easy to take DPJ then look for the edge in the
    5th round.

    187) I wanted a CB, the guy I usually looked at based only on player rankings, ie without watching him play, was AJ Green. Like his size. I know we needed a slot corner and Green is
    not that guy, but I struggle drafting shorter guys who don't have blazing speed. So ultimately I love getting him as an UDFA.

    I think we had an excellent draft. We filled all the holes. We can argue about the who, but we didnt do anything bizzarre, ala GB and Philadelphia. I get those who doubt the Phillips pick, but the guy can tackle, clearly something we need. The gnashing of teeth over Harrison isn't warranted IMO and is driven mostly by the OSU homerism-which I am often guilty of, and the fact that the rats grabbed him with the next pick. They draft so well it causes an immediate UGH because it seems they value him at a place we could have drafted him. The only thing we didn't grab was an edge guy. I hope this means we go after Clowney. Personally I would look at moving our extra picks for the Jax guy, Ngakoue. I would offer our extra 3/4/5 and see if that gets it done, If not 2/3/5. We don't need another 10 picks, and this guy can play. I like him over Clowney as there is a reason Clowney keeps moving around the league-we would be his third team.
    We have the cap space for one of them, and the need. Fingers, crossed....

  • user generated10. OT Jedrick Wills, Alabama - well Wirfs is there but after the Michigan and Penn St. games I decided he is a guard or right tackle which is where Tampa will probably play him, before the combine (based on the tape) he would have finished 4th OT exactly where he was drafted. The big dilemna is Becton. Do we swing for a huge ceiling player since we have a good oline coach? But after watching Wills's techinique and feet and listening to his interview about his study habits and then Joe Thomas backing it up, time to turn in the card on the safe pick - Wills.
    user generated44. LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming - S Kyle Dugger is my guy (damn you Belichick!) Love Winfield just can't get over size and injury history. If it is 2018 Delpit, it is a no brainer but I'm under the impression Browns need LBs more to win and I think Wilson is a sure thing. I thought we moved down for Wilson or Gay Jr. Because of character I'll go Wilson over Gay but I don't have the ablity to meet Gay like GMs. Wilson is a slightly more athletic Schobert. 3-time team captain. He's so smart. I just want him on my team and to lead my defense. He played defensive back in high school, so he is scheme diverse.
    user generated88. S Kenny Robinson, XFL, WVU - DT Elliot is a great pick, but if I'm being honest, I would be scared about safety right here, I had him in the 3rd because I actually watched the XFL (lame I know) I want THE ballhawk in this draft. 6.2", 198 lbs. and he went to play in the XFL to help his Mom through cancer? Come aboard young man!
    user generated97. TE Adam Trautman, Dayton - I guess Stefanski wants to use TEs a lot. Okay well I want my guy. I really do like Harrison Bryant, just Trautman a little more.
    user generated115. WR Antonio Gandy-Golden, Liberty - some people are just born a differnt way. He does a rubik's cube in 44 seconds, bowled a perfect game, is an amazing gymanist, can throw a football fom his knees and hit the crossbar. He's good at everything and he'll be a good NFL WR. AT 6.4" 223 lbs. he adds something different to our receiving group. 3 years in a row he had 1,000+ yds and 10 TDs.
    user generated160. RB Jason Huntley, New Mexico St. - 5 kickoff returns for TDs. 4.38 forty at one of the only pro days. 2nd most broken tackles in college football next to Clyde-Edwards-Helaire. He immediately gives special team value but can run between the tackles if called upon and also offer gadget plays in a different way than Chubb or Hunt. He's so fun to watch including the famous double spin move VIDEO
    user generated187. DE Derrek Tuszka, North Dakota St. - anyone on the chat knows how annoying I was about him. Okay so the guy has short arms, but he's 6.4" and had a Von Miller almost type 6.87 in the 3-cone and put up 30+ sacks and won 3 national titles and was defensive player of the year all in the FCS. I thought he would get drafted earlier so I'll take him over DTs Teair Tart and S Javin White but I will call those two and keep them on the phone (Along with QB Gordon - although I'll need another phone I only have two) Sorry Quez Watkins I already picked a WR!

    Wow I didn't notice how many small school players I picked. I almost always grab the SEC guys, it is just how it went this year.

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  • If I knew Elliot was going to be available in the 3rd, I'd have taken Winfield in the 2nd. I'd also like Harris at 160, but didn't know anything about him at draft time. Big flaw: didn't get a safety, but finding a quality big body took precedence...

    10) OT Wills - Guessing Wirfs is a better run blocker, but worried about lateral movement.
    44) DT Marlon Davidson - Trenches pure & simple, given the sieve last season.
    88) LB Davis-Gaither - upside for impact
    97) TE Trautman - best TE on an offensive that requires highly functional TEs
    115) Edge Alton Robinson - rangy, first step, pursuit, turnovers due to length
    160) KJ Hill - 33rd WR selected. Gimme a break...
    187) OT Wanogho - best available, regardless of position

  • LAGreg said... (original post)10. OT Jedrick Wills, Alabama - well Wirfs is there but after the Michigan and Penn St. games I decided he is a guard or right tackle which is where ...

    AGG was the single most coveted player on my board. There is something about him.

  • Benbenbenbenben said... (original post)If I knew Elliot was going to be available in the 3rd, I'd have taken Winfield in the 2nd. I'd also like Harris at 160, but didn&#...

    You and Greg picked two of the four guys I was most interested in at 44. Wilson, Davidson, Chinn, or Winfield woulda had me pretty excited about our 2nd rounder.

    And Gaither and Trautman would be an upgrade over Bryant and the LSU LB whos name Im already trying to forget.

  • Thank God you are not our GM

  • Sure, because the guys we draft are always the best possible choices.

  • I looked at the various re-do mock drafts. Each member took some time and did a nice job.

    I took a little time and made a copy of the actual draft and started to look at options at various draft selections.

    The actual draft of Andrews and Stefanski did have five winners and two incompletes. Two of the seven players drafted that are somewhat incomplete are Jacob Phillips, LB, LSU and Peopless-Jones, WR, Michigan. Some sources say these are good players and others have their complaints.

    What is nice about all draft picks. The players get a chance to play and we get the chance to see if they are players or busts.

  • Interesting stuff, thanks, guys. What did you think about Justin Madibuike? It seemed to me that the 3rd round trade down came as soon as Madibuike was picked by the Ravens. Could the Browns have had any interest in him?

  • I liked this draft ,they addressed the needs but in some selections I would have drafted a different player.

    My picks:

    10. Tristan Wirfs, OT Iowa - Wirfs was my second choice , as Thomas was my first.. I thought he was the one they were targeting...even so I did speak that the name we weren't hearing about linked to the Browns would be the one... It just a matter of whom I thought they were after.

    So I don't have a issue with Wills ,just hope he can make the switch.

    44-Grant Delpit S, LSU..I'll stay with this ,like his size and range..others I had were Marlon Davidson DE and Wllie Gay Jr LB -Miss St..

    88-Jordan Elliott DL, MIZZOU-good Dl who can penetrate-like this pick..

    97-Malik Harrison, LB Ohio State - i thought for his size and speed he would fit in the middle of the LB unit and not get pushed around.although he has to improve his angles and not go for the big hits.

    115-Bryce Hall CB, UVA -good size ,physical CB plays press and zone coverage.

    160. Nick Harris, C Washington:Good system fit. Depth at center and can play guard.

    187-K.J. Hill WR, OSU -I liked what I saw in him, good hands , got open productive.

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  • I like all 7 picks where they are at!

  • Manamal said... (original post)I like all 7 picks where they are at!

    I had been hoping for ED Curtis Weaver from pick 97 until he was picked at 164. Obviously the entire NFL saw some kind of downside to him since he was drafted that late.

    Like everyone else the pick that puzzles me is Phillips. While I understand a portion of their thinking, I’m least comfortable with that pick - by far.

    The only pick I would change is Phillips. I’d replace him with Weaver. I’d love to know what scared off the entire NFL on him though.

  • Chidawg said... (original post)I had been hoping for ED Curtis Weaver from pick 97 until he was picked at 164. Obviously the entire NFL saw some kind of downside to him since he w...

    I think there always is going to be a pick we wonder about, If Berry stayed true to his board and the type of fit at LB that they were looking for, I can deal with the pick. I was hoping for Harrison also, But that was the OSU homer in me.

  • I wasn’t looking for them to draft Harrison. I was expecting a LB who would be a bit faster, more athletic and have performance weighted toward coverage.

    Obviously the Browns are giving more weight to age than other teams. And it fits with the analytics approach.

    I expected someone more along the lines of Davis-Gaither, Dye or Wilson. Age obviously impacted Wilson’s grade for the Browns. It likely happened with Davis-Gaither, Dye and Harrison as well.

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  • If I was going to redraft this draft it would be tough.

    DE and CB, would have been two positions I would have drafted with two of the last three picks.

    The drafting of the TE and C/G, with the first two picks of the third day did surprise me.

    I asked an insider question that did not get a response. I believe the Cleveland Browns had a draft plan of drafting five defensive players and two offensive players. They followed what I thought they were going to do on the first two days of the draft with the LT, S, DT and LB. I believe they switched from their plan on Saturday, because the players that were available were players too good to pass up. The last pick is open to debate. He is a high school 5 star player. He went to the wrong school. He is somewhat of a wild card pick. He could be a home run or a wasted pick. He is a sixth round pick.

    The 97th player selected in the draft will be a player to watch for the next three years. He was a Mr Football in Tennessee in high school and also a 5 star player. He did go to the right school, LSU. He played the position they needed. It appears Joe Woods saw an upside. The 97th pick in the draft is not a waste pick, but, a player consider to make a good contribution in year two or three. He should be a pretty strong special teams player in year one and a developmental LB in his first year. He should get some reps to develop his NFL game his first year, but not any role where he will be a big liability on the defense.

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  • FWIW Kirksey was drafted at #77 & Schobert at #99.

  • I thought they would go Wirfs at 10 for sure, but they clearly did their homework. I enjoyed Andrew Berry's conference calls after the pick. He was their guy and time will tell if they made the right call. They had their pick of those two plus Becton from the 'big 4'. (I wanted Thomas myself, but that ship sailed early).

    I'm a Delpit guy, I think he's a stud for our defense. Was super pumped he was on the board.

    Like many others, I probably would have stayed to get Baun, but extra capital doesn't hurt and Elliott has upside as Larry O continues to blossom and Richardson's 13.6mil cap hit likely shows him the door sooner than later.

    As a huge Buckeye fan, I always want the Browns to draft Buckeyes, and I wanted Malik here, but I trust the guys in Berea that Phillips fits the scheme better. A lot of Browns mock guys had Highsmith penciled to Cleveland, so of course he goes to the Steelers (like Dobbins and Harrison to Baltimore). I hate having to play against guys I liked and/or wanted.

    Bryant could be a great pick - I remember watching him torch OSU's secondary this past year. Potentially high ceiling - and thus a steal. Honestly, I was hoping for McFarland (Maryland) here, as an upgrade to Dontrell/D'Ernest as RB3.

    Similarly loved Harris. Huge system fit. Sneaky RG option, or Tretter back-up/heir apparent. Pumped he was still there. Thank God no one watches PAC-12 football. Lol.

    It's hard to say as a Buckeye fan, but I did it with Braylon and I did it with Jabrill. I will root like heck for those Michigan guys when they wear the Brown and Orange. I think DBJ is mega-talented and got caught in a vacuum of offensive ineptitude in Ann Arbor. With mediocre QB play and he's a star there, IMO.

    Hope springs eternal. GO BROWNS!