Ellis Williams (Cleveland.com) on S Prospects

Ellis Williams (Cleveland.com) on S Prospects

  • These guys look interesting.


    Winfield Jr. already has a following on this site - for good reason. The other two are at least intriguing.

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  • I am holding out hope that we have a similar situation as last year with Greedy. I've seen Grant Delpit down mock draft boards. I would be stoked to get him in round 2, but I have a hard time seeing it happen.

  • Anything is possible but when Greedy fell there were several other CB's to choose from, this time there's a small group with only McKinney being equal or better, so I think there's less of a chance Delpit will fall that far. I think if we're looking more for the traditional Free Safety in the 2nd we might look at Ashtyn Davis, or if it's more of a Strong Safety type then it will be Kyle Dugger or Terrell Burgess like the article mentions. I like Winfield too, but he's also more of the traditional Free Safety type.

    My hope is if we address this need in the 3rd, that Jeremy Chinn is till there!

  • He's falling for a reason and if he's there when we pick in the 2nd and Davis and Winfield is on the board I'm taking both of them over Delpit.

  • If the Browns land Harris in FA that changes things, The Browns may target a SS instead.

  • Dugger is really intriguing as a SS prospect.

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  • With the signings the Browns have made nothing has changed take a safety with pick #41

  • BiggusDickus said... (original post)Dugger is really intriguing as a SS prospect.

    Agree and could plug in the middle if needed

  • Dugger can play multiple positions. I could see him playing Free this year and then rolling down to a box guy when they get someone else to play Free.

  • I think Delpit will be the best safety out of this draft group followed by Chinn and then Winfield. I'd take any of the 3 for our defense. I think all 3 are multi roll players that a creative DC would make good use of.