Fan speak and needs.

Fan speak and needs.

  • I have done a lot of the fanspeak drafts in the down time and, i know we need a LT, but in some of the simulators, Simmons fell to 10 and there was no way I would pass on him for an LT, in this draft. I would then try to land Cleveland in the earlysecond or move back a little in the second for a LT and maybe get an extra pick. I hope we get griffen as an edge f/a to then use our picks on other needs for this year.
    With that said, I was wondering what y'all feel are the biggest needs? I feel they are the following
    Lb, OT, S, DL, WR (since it is such a deep draft for them), G, edge.
    I would like to take at least 2 offensive linemen, 2 safeties (ours are on 1 year contracts), at least 1 lb, 1 DL, and 1 WR. The DL and WR should be later picks in my opinion. If we somehow get an extra pick I would use it on an o-line (can't have too many of them).

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  • I think tactically - you have to go lt at 10 no matter what unless you get Trent Williams
    And yes, db, lber and DT are big needs but I think with signing Hubbard we have created some depth
    Saftey is a huge need - those guys are one year deals
    DT is important but other than LT o think LBer is an urgent spot

  • Im not interested in drafting more than one S or OL—thats exactly why we signed starters at those positions. And with the idea, hopefully, that guys like Joseph play well and extend their stays here. I dont see a need to draft a guard because Teller and Forbes are those guys. We roll with one of them at RG this year. If they arent working out in preseason we pick a vet along the way.

    I want either Thomas or Wills at 10. If theyre gone then I want Brown, Okudah, Simmons, or Kinlaw. I dont wanna trade down. Rather trade up from 41 with 7 OTs to choose from.

    Then I use whatevers left to trade up into the 2nd and early 3rd There are plenty of LBs and S in that range. I use later picks and futures to trade up for guys like Stone, Muse, Dugger, Chin, Gaither, Davis or Harrison.

    Dorsey put us in a great place to fix this this year. And theyve done well so far. Pull all the stops out this draft to fix DT, OT, LB and S and we can compete right now with BAL—if Stefanski is the right guy.

    If we can add Griffen this roster is as good as any.

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  • Outside of OT our biggest need is LB. I know a lot of people are saying its saftey but i think we improved quite a bit in FA . My druthers is Simmons falls to us at 10 and we pull out all stops to trade back into the first to get one of Jones or Cleveland and we rent Peters for a year.

    If no Simmons then bst OT hope its Wirfs and then try to find a way to get Queen.

  • We have to protect Baker, its that simple. If we hope to be good, he has to be good for him to be good, he has to have protection. I have also done a ton of mock drafts on fanspeak, TDN, and PFF and while its awesome to see Simmons at 10 and wonder what if, IT simply jeapordizes us filling our primary need LT. I would rather trade up from 41 and get Murray, or Queen if need be rather than NOT pick an OT at 10... I would not however draft Bechton at 10 might be great, but too big of a risk. If Wrifs and Thomas are gone, I look at Jones. Would I consider a slight trade down at 10 if I thought I could still get Jones? maybe...but relying on Cleveland and on him being there at 41 is simply too big a gamble. We can only draft one player at 10, why not fill our biggest need if our guy, or one of them is there?

  • I won't be surprised if we end up drafting three players in the top 50 who both fill needs and enhance play calling flexibility.

    The S10 group identifies weaknesses and acts to eliminate them by either acquiring a singular asset (RT, DT, LB, S, KR) or by adding players to supplement strengths and prepare for eventualities (TE, QB, OT, OL, CB, S, DT).

    This is a deep draft in certain areas but, if you want to address a need, you have to do what they did in for immediate solutions... then add smart, tough, flexible BPA assets in the areas where your schemes require the very solid developmental depth.

    Running the ball, stopping the run, covering receivers, attacking passers across the defensive front and playing very solidly on special teams; speed, length, explosive quickness combined with strength and unremitting aggression allows players to "fly to (or with...) the football" and put the defender, ballcarrier, or the ball, on the ground.

    The S10 team will have inherent flexibility... because the sum of the parts will greatly enhance the effective production of the whole.