Full NFLPA game - Super Sleepers!

Full NFLPA game - Super Sleepers!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOzBYxphLMw&t=0s
    Here is a link to the NFLPA game which has a lot of the players that get drafted in the very late rounds or they become priority UDFA. (Warning: you have to watch Hue Jackson coach again!)

    After watching again, the Browns need to draft or priority UDFA one of my favorites in this draft, RB Robbert Huntley who would at the very least make our kick returns way better. I listed all the players in the order I'd draft them.

    ****RB ROBERT HUNTLEY New Mexico St. - may not get drafted but ran a 4.37 and a 39.5" vertical at his pro day and you see the speed and moves on tape; He is only 5.9" 190 lbs but has a great ability to break tackles and can actually run up the middle. He told the announcers he would have 50 yds and a TD (went for 53 yds and TD) I watched his games he is electric! Only three players in all of college football managed to average over 7 yards per carry this season on 150 attempts or more: Lynn Bowden Jr., Travis Etienne (thought of as the top back in the draft before returning to school), and Huntley. In 59 attempts he has 5 career kickoff returns for a TD! Some players are just damn fun to watch, go get him Browns!!!! Watch the double spin move: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NQFl27whwU

    WR Omar Bayless - Arkansas State WR Omar Bayless caught 93 passes 1,653 yards and 17 touchdowns after battling through tons of adversity including the deaths of several people close to him in college. The six-foot-one receiver doesn't have great speed 4.62 forty, but his production is crazy. At the end of the regular college season he was the leading wide receiver in all college football. He caught a TD in this game and you can see that you can use him as a possession and red zone threat type of WR who is great with contested catches and snatches the ball. If Browns don't bring back Higgins, Bayless is very similar, maybe even better

    OG Danny Pinter, Ball St. - great for a zone team as a developmental guard (switching from OT), he ran a 4.91 forty. He's athletic and was clearing holes in the game. I think he might be the first player from this game that gets drafted, maybe 5th round?

    LB Shaun Bradley, Temple - 6.1", 235 lbs. and runs a 4.51 forty. He can cover, has huge production and loves to hit. Browns need LBs and for a 6th ro 7th rounder this guy can play.

    DT Malcolm Roach, Texas - very explosive; they said his tape is inconsistent but he was a beast in this game. He ran a 4.84 forty and he is a penetrating DT with not as much length but looks fired up.

    S Javin White, UNLV - If you watch this game look for #26 in black. I didn't know who he was but at 6.2" 211 lbs he looks big and plays fast and kept coming in to hit. He is an alpha dawg that doesn't seem to like opponents and wants to tell them about it. He plays LB, safety and corner. I wish their were pro days becauser he looks really fast on tape and has long arms. I could see him on special teams and in certain packages covering tight end until he gest some experience.

    CB Levonta Taylor, Florida St. - FSU CB Levonta Taylor returned to school last year for some unfinished business and finished his career with 4 interceptions and 90 tackles in four seasons. The No. 1 corner out of H.S. joined FSU under Jimbo Fisher. He hurt his back and hasn't been as good. He played safety in his final year because that is what coaches wanted from him but he prefers corner. Taylor also expects his speed to translate at the next level and with this kind of talent he is worth a look in the late rounds for sure.

    ---------below I see as UDFA

    DT Teair Tart, FL Int'l - He was recruited by Alabama until he got kicked off his community college team. He is a big run stuffer and his best attribute being his ability to stop plays behind the line of scrimmage. He is deceptively athletic for a man who stands 6 feet 3 and weighs 290 pounds. During the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, he continuously gave interior offensive linemen fits.

    WR Darnell Stewart, Michigan St. - Michigan St. WR Darrell Stewart Jr. put up 697 receiving yards and four touchdowns despite missing four games with a broken leg. He is a beast. He has a the ball is mine mentality. They were comparing him to Mohammed Sanu. I'd give him a UDFA look.

    RB Raymond Calais, UL-Lafeyette - speed, speed, speed, he is a legit 4.3. I'd rather have Huntley who is just more physical and shifty, but Calias had a 100 yd TD return in this game and that is where he would find a spot as a dedicated kick returner.

    CB Rojesterman Farris II.Hawaii corner Rojesterman Farris II was also highlighted by NFL Network via DB coach Ricky Manning who said Farris was one of the best corners all weeks and built a strong case for a late-round selection.

    CB Kobe Williams AZ St. - captain, smaller feisty CB who played a lot of games and performed well. He deserves a look.

    DE Chauncy Haney, No. 91 - they highlighted the Greenvile edge rusher who had 16 TFL, 9 sacks and 55 tackles. His versatility to play as end or standup backer along with some good play in practice on Wednesday got him profiled by NFL Network. He looks like a developmental UDFA.

    FB Sewo Olonilua, TCU - I felt bad for this guy he fumbled twice, one as he was twisting mid air at the goal line but I saw a very athletic fullback with talent.

    CB L'Jarius Sneed LA Tech - super fast developmental CB

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  • Danny Pinter started out as a TE at Ball State.. He's played tackle for two years.. Because of his arm length his natural position is guard.. He is very quick..
    A little coaching in a zone blocking scheme and he will do the job very well..

  • Really like Pinter.

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE Javin White.

    Does anyone know if we're using a smaller 'star' backer at Sam or what Woods preferences are regarding the back 7?

  • I read a very positive message on Pinter. When I find it, I will add it to this thread.

    He could be more of a sleeper than a super sleeper.

  • I really like Lynn Bowden Jr. He is from the University Kentucky and played both QB and WR. He is a multi talented player. He also returns punts. Late rounder or FA pickup.

  • Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Safety, Université de Montréal

    He'll be 26 by training camp but a freak athlete. Nearly 6'3" with a 4.35 40 time and a 6.65 second three cone.



  • Undrafted guys still on the board from this draft I'd pursue as UDFAs

    S/LB Javin White 6-2, 215 UNLV
    OLB Chris Orr 6-0, 225 Wisconsin
    MLB Cam Gill 6-3, 235 Wagner
    MLB Cale Garrett 6-2, 234 Missouri
    TE/HB Dalton Keene 6-4, 253 VaTech
    OT Terence Steele 6-6, 312 Texas Tech
    DT Robert Windsor 6-4, 290 Pen State
    CB/S Nevelle Clarke 6-1. 187 CFU
    S Douglas Coleman 6-0, 203 Texas Tech
    WR/KR Aaron Fuller 5-11, 190 Washington
    CB Marquill Osborne 5-11, 190 Charlotte (transfer from Tennessee)
    DE James Smith-Williams 6-4, 265 NC State
    DL Joe Gaziano 6-4, 282 Northwestern
    DT Bravvion Roy 6-1, 330 Baylor
    DE Bryce Sterk 6-5, 262 Montana State

  • More yet
    QB Steven Montez, 6-5, 230 Colorado
    LB LeDarius Mack 6-1, 240 Buffalo (yes, Khalil Mack’s brother)
    DE Casey Toohill 6-4, 250 Stanford
    DL Calvin Taylor 6-9, 310 Kentucky
    OLB Jesse Lemonier 6-4, 240 Liberty
    DE LaDarius Hamilton 6-2, 262 North Texas
    DT Josiah Coatney 6-3, 308 Ole Miss
    DT Malcolm Roach 6-2, 297 Texas
    G Justin Herron 6-4, 308 Wake Forest
    DT Broderick Washington 6-2, 305 Texas Tech
    G John Molchon 6-5, 309 Boise State
    WR Ahmad Wagner 6-5, 234 Kentucky
    C/G Sean Pollard 6-5, 320 Clemson
    DT Benning Potoa’e 6-3, 290 Washington
    S Geno Stone 5-10, 210 Iowa

    Many on this list and the list on the prior post are among sack leaders in the nation at their position.

  • geno stone is a draftable player--good safety.....like 4th or 5th round

  • sipe17 said... (original post)geno stone is a draftable player--good safety.....like 4th or 5th round

    I missed that pick. Thanks.

  • I'm a big Ohio State fan, a lot of their payers only get limited playing time in some cases only one y;ear I think there are maybe 4 decent Ohio State players who won't be drafted and might be worth taking a look at.

    Branden Bowen Starting right tackle

    Robert Landers DT

    Jashon Cornell DT

    Binjamin Victor WR