PFF Live Mock Draft

PFF Live Mock Draft

  • This one was painful. Mike Renner, Steve Palazzolo & George Chahouri took turns drafting for the 1st round teams with no trades.

    They made selections based on the PFF philosophies of position value and a bias for production over projection or highlight plays.

    The painful part:

    #6 Chargers take Wirfs;

    #7 Panthers take Thomas;

    #8 Cardinals take Wills;

    #9 Jaguars take Jones;

    They do not view Becton as a 1st round talent. And while they have warmed a bit to Cleveland based on his lateral agility that is still a projection.

    So, with #10 Mike Renner selected Jerry Jeudy for the Browns.

    Note that their top 4 OTs were selected:

    - before ANY WR;

    - before ANY DI;

    - before QBs except Burrow & Tua;

    - before CBs except Okudah;

    - before EDs except Young;

    They did concur that the Browns would LIKE to trade down. Renner had an interesting speculation toward the end. When the Saints were on the clock, he speculated that the Saints were interested in trading up to #10 for their favorite DI (Kinlaw/Brown) and would be open to including their 2021 1st round pick as part of a trade down.

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  • I don't know if I read that already on this forum or a different forum.

    I also say thanks for posting.

    Members, I would not worry. There are too many GMs in real life that are not going to take an OT with the first 9 picks. I don't believe this comment is in reference to insider/premium information, because it is common sense.

    There are many talented OTs in this year's draft. Some smart people say 7, 8, 9 or 10 OTs could be drafted in the first round. I would say the chances of 10 OTs or more could be drafted in the top 50, but, those teams at the top 10 to 15 picks that passed on an OT with their first round pick will make that selection in the second round or potentially trade back into the last half of the first round depending upon which players are on the board.

    NONE of these LEFT TACKLES MATCH JOE THOMAS! These are going to be good offensive tackles, some playing RT and some might be abler to play both the left and right, meaning their versatility is a major plus. There are some pure RTs that will be picked because the team making the pick are looking for a RT. Say Tennessee and Cincinnati. There could be others.

    There is talk about some other players crowding the top 9 or 10 selections, being WR and another CB.

  • The NFLnetwork mock tonight had Joe Thomas pick for the Browns. Wirfs and Becton were gone... Joe took Wills over Thomas.. Upside is greater??

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  • I"d take Becton. He has already played in a zone scheme. I watched at least 6+ games of all the potential 1st round OTs and I'm happy with Becton, Wills or Thomas. With Becton it is easy to run an outside zone play when he is throwing the DE 20 yards to the sideline (and he is doing it against future NFL players from Clemson and Notre Dame.) And Becton doesn't even have good technique yet. We have a good offensive line coach who can make him a lot better. Becton just had that failed drug test which is a minor concern. Tunsil had a bong mask on and he turned out okay and has 1/2 the talent. I watched a lot of interviews with Becton and he seems like a really good kid and loves the game. I specifically looked for interviews where he talked about eating because that was my concern and he said he had never been in a real nutrition program and would do whatever and NFL team told him to do. If the Browns dug deep and don't like his character, I get it, but I have no reservations on him as a player.

    Also PFF can be comically wrong, just take a look at their last years analytics rankings and you could draft QB Will Grier at 24 overall!

    I also agree with Joe Thomas about Wirfs being a guard. And he'll be a really good guard. Parts of Wirfs combine were so amazing but then you put on the tape and you see the stiffness and the hips and it fades away. Maybe some day he will be a tackle but if you put on the Penn St. and Michigan games you don't get excited about drafting him in the top 10. I liekd his interviews, he is from a single mother and he works really hard. He seems innocent (besides once he did have a DWI)

    Wills is mean. His interviews he is so serious and he is mean. Did I say he is mean? I can see taking Thomas or Wills. Wills technique is sweet. In that area he is a little better than Thomas and he is slightly more athletic. I might prefer Thomas though just because he has so much game tape of playing against guys who are succeeding in the NFL. (There is a play where he buried DT Davidson from Auburn (who should go in the 2nd round) and then sat on him - ha!.) He has missteps but he is a professional and can play day one. His interviews he is all about football and just a professional.

  • Here is part of my short conversation with Joe Thomas tonight..

    dennn (I use a different name on twitter)
    Who are your top 4 OT's in this draft that fit the Browns scheme?

    Joe Thomas
    ?Verified account

    The top 4 guys are all worthy of a "Top 5"'s a loaded draft for tackles.

    I'm hesitant to rank them, because they are all excellent, but gun to head ranking "fit for the Browns" is as follows:

    1) Mekhi Becton
    2) Jedrick Wills
    3) Andrew Thomas
    4) Tristan Wirfs

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