PFF on 5 Teams That Needed to Nail the Draft

PFF on 5 Teams That Needed to Nail the Draft

  • The Browns are the 5th team listed. For this article it comes down to whether the Browns get OT right and if the guy drafted can perform capably early on.

    We now know that the pick was Wills. As much as PFF loved the Browns' draft, this question will stay open until Wills gets it done on the field.

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  • This did not get too much attenti9on prior to the draft nor after the draft.

    One NFL periodical looked at the first team.

    Minnesota - PFF concluded that 2 or maybe 3 starters. "They are a significant step behind the best teams in the league.

    There draft got an A. Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU, was mentioned in the article and he was selected with the 31st pick. Stefon Diggs was traded for a first round pick. Their first pick in the draft when to Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU at 22nd pick in the first round. The season has yet to start, if they don't start immediately, it would only mean that some veteran in the camp on the roster player better or they were hurt on opening day. Baltimore had 4 third round picks and Minnesota had 3 fourth round picks.

    Their third pick Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State - Some saw him as a late 1st round pick or early second. He has good feet, athletic ability and probably a bit of a project. If not an instant starter, they obviously felt good enough to be developed into a starting OT.

    There were 15 players selected in this draft. The virus hurt this team. The spring and early summer field workouts will truly be missed by these rookies.

    They lost 4 starters on defense and two starters on offense. This is a team that has drafted well and as well in signing free agents over the years. So a mixture of promoting from within, signing veteran free agents this year and 15 members on the draft class, plus a good group of UDFAs.

    Minnesota is one of thee teams in the fight for the NFC North conference title The have two titles and one wild card year, meaning they have made the playoffs three of the last four years.

    Sam Monson wrote the article 4/22/2020 and it appears that the Minnesota GM read this article. He did a very good job during the off season.