PFF on Senior Bowl Practices

PFF on Senior Bowl Practices

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    Seven Ohio State players playing in the Senior Bowl are written up on the Cleveland Browns NFL site in a nice article this week.

    Phil Savage replacement Nagy indicated winners for positions on the North and South. Some of them were Ohio State players. This is on the Senior Bowl site and most of it is on the Daniel Jeremiah twitter.

    I had seen the Pro Football Focus initial coverage, but did enjoy reviewing the other two links.

    I also saw they had a top 101 players from 2019, some of the top ones still staying in school, with the Ohio State QB mentioned as one of the top.

    It will be interesting to compare this list to the players that are now eligible for the NFL Draft. QB Hurts, Oklahoma, who previously played for Alabama. There were different opinions on Hurts performance during the practices at the Senior Bowl. He does not look as one of the top six QBs being discussed in various rankings of players eligible for the NFL draft. Someone is going to take an early flyer on this QB, because he was in the competition for the Heisman. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he will be a player to watch later today. He could be a game player and no so much practice. That idea has been repeated on many players throughout college and NFL history.

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