PFF on "Sleepers"

PFF on "Sleepers"

  • Mike Renner uses a different description for "sleepers" that he explains early on:

    While I get where he's coming from, it's hard for me to process a list of "sleepers" that includes 2 guys from tOSU and one each from Auburn & Penn St.

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  • Mebbe he shoulda said undervalued but I get what hes saying. Certainly we could call Power 5 players Terrell Davis and Tom Brady sleepers, no?

    Interesting stats on Jackson a couple others that could translate into them being prospective steals.

  • Jonah Jackson will be a blip on the screen on draft day and will plug in for a decade at a high level if he doesn't get hurt. He plays mean, strong at the point of attack and can move a little too
    Geno Stone is football player - he has skills to be versatile - fs/ss type, good instincts and tough

    Now gipson is a kid I started to follow.
    Strong, high motor and he is productive.
    He actually has a very good knack of playing the run and pushing the pocket - good depth guy potential starter.

    Good read and thanks for sharing

  • Part of what Mike Renner points out is that info on small school players is so much more available now that the concept of a “sleeper” has gradually shifted.

    It’s not that long ago that the public found out about small school sleepers when they were actually drafted by an NFL team. Then we went to the stage where you could get some of them in the PFW that went to print about a week before the draft.

    Now it seems that every person who puts just a bit more research into their writing than MKC has a list of small school guys to keep an eye on. Even the Senior Bowl works to get in on that act these days.

    Guys we used to hear about for the first time at the time they were drafted are often at the Senior Bowl and combine - let alone the Shrine Game.

    In light of that, Renner’s approach makes sense. He’s just the first one I’ve noticed making that shift.