Player I absolutely love

Player I absolutely love

  • I was thinking about the chance that they could move Kareem hunt prior to the draft for more draft ammo. In the last few days I have fallen in love with Antonio Gibson! I would live to pair him with Chubb and dominate, plus his versatility out of the backfield and in the return game. Where do we think his drsft ceiling and floor are in 2020

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  • I think Gibson is one more intriguing players in this draft. I've looked at a lot of 7 round mocks and have seen him as high as the 3rd and low as the 7th and every rd in between. He's hard to project since he doesn't have the production at WR or RB that the other prospects in this draft do. I'd take him even with Hunt still here as the 3rd RB. He's an upgrade over Hilliard and with his return ability he'd be active gameday and they could create some packages for him. Then he could slide into Hunts role the next year. He's still green in some areas. Like can he pick up blitzes? Can he handle getting off press coverage if he's lined up at WR? I think his upside is worth it if he's there in the 4th.

  • Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota.

    Just love the guy. Right place at the right time with the right hands.

    Minnesota was the most fun team to watch all last year IMO

  • If we would move Kareem, the guy I love is Clyde Edwards-Ellaire from LSU. He reminds me of a faster version of Earnest Byner and would be a great addition to the team from both a talent and locker room perspective.

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  • Check out Derrick tuszka from North Dakota looks like mark gastenau late round big time player

  • My mid-lower round darling this year is Gabriel Davis, WR, UCF.

    My favorite overall player might be Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama, still, but he's projected in the 2nd round or so, so he's not really a sleeper. His draft stock did take a hit this last year, but I believe in him.

  • jeremy chinn and malik harrison and jonathen grenard

  • A guy I hope they take a flyer on in the 7th or UDFA is Nasir Player from ETSU.

  • ndl54 said... (original post)A guy I hope they take a flyer on in the 7th or UDFA is Nasir Player from ETSU.

    That was fun to watch.

  • Alton...Robinson (DE: Syracuse)!

  • Talent standpoint?
    Willie Gay
    He's exactly what the Dr ordered talent wise.
    Off the field issues however
    Imagine landing Wilson and Gay?

  • JackTBurton said... (original post)Talent standpoint?Willie GayHe's exactly what the Dr ordered talent wise.Off the field issues howeverImagine landing Wilson and Gay?Lordie....

    Dorsey would have taken him in a heartbeat, I don't see the current braintrust leaning in that direction.